MockupScreens – rapid screen prototyping tool for technical and non-technical users

Prototyping in the field of software development gives a two-fold benefit in the following ways. Firstly, the easiest way of gathering the client requirements is provided by the prototype. The client should have the complete freedom to demand anything as per his own need, if a prototype of an application is seen by him.

MockupScreens prototyping tool

Also, once the client agrees with the prototype it instantly becomes an agreement, that the client has settled to accept and the developer has approved to deliver. Secondly, a better understanding of the whole application is promoted within the developer after building the prototype by himself. So a prototype should be made as fast as possible for a better understanding of the application.

Screen mockups can be organized in scenarios with the help MockupScreens that enables the sketching mechanism of your application itself. With the aid of MockupScreens you can perform certain interactive experiments with your own clients, and this enables the creation of a wireframe of your own application itself, in a case where even the coding hasn’t started.

The gap between developers and clients can be bridged by improving the project communication with the aid of MockupScreens. The application being built can be easily visualized. Better software can be easily developed through a clearly understanding of the user needs.

The customers can be satisfied as per the user feedback using MockupScreens that demonstrates the function and the design of the basic system. Productivity and the ease of use are the facilities provided by MockupScreens that enables you to satisfy your goals.

Mockup screens can be created and they can be even grouped as per the scenarios. Comments can be added on the user’s interface elements. You can obtain a great deal of feedback from your peers and clients using this. Mockup screens in the form of slide show can be easily shown. It provides a great deal of support when you are demonstrating something important to your clients.

Prototyping categorized in three models are supported here – Windows, Web and black White. There is a very minute difference between the Windows mode and the Web mode and on choosing the Windows mode the background color of the Form changes grey to white.Features like XML, HTML, and PDF are also supported by this MockupScreens. On a single click you can reach from one screen to the other.

Features of MockupScreens

  1. Effective presentations can be made by presenting different screens to your own customers, as well as obtaining valuable feedbacks from the customers.
  2. Satisfy customers is completely based on the feedback of users and then the management of user expectations, by using MockupScreens the function and the design of the proposed system can be easily demonstrated.

These are all features that mark the beauty of this prototype and so it is in large use now-a-days.

Download : MockupScreens

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