Mofuse mobile CMS for Build a Mobile Site

Mofuse is regarded as the global leader in Mobile CMS. The users of this application can easily construct, launch, evaluate, integrate and promote the mobile website without any hassle. With plenty of designers and engineers, the application is uniquely designed to suit the exact requirements of the user.

mofuse mobile cms

The application is basically a mobile platform designed to suit the web necessities of an individual or any organization. This user-friendly application is designed keeping in mind the non-technical people. With this smart platform, any one can make a web presence instantly. It also helps a lot to the people aspiring to launch their own micro site or landing web pages.

The application is quite useful for the small and medium scale enterprises that make their business prominence and want to use mobile for business purpose. It is also easy to create and launch a news site in mobile. Users here can simply create the news site and using RSS Feeds, the updates will automatically happen.

The platform creates web pages and sites in no time at all, and anyone can create them without any prior knowledge of technical knowledge. For corporations, the users can easily post the latest corporate videos, updates and news via RSS feeds and help in keeping the workforce well informed. For Non-profit organizations, users can easily create a “donate now” option without sharing any fund with any carriers. Moreover, they can also post updates on donors, volunteers, employees, etc. from anywhere. The platform is also a boon for the professional bloggers where they can easily mobilize each and every designed mobile site of theirs.

Features of Mofuse

  1. User Friendly – Any application finds is usefulness in its user-friendliness. It applies similarly with MoFuse too. This platform is popular for is user-friendliness and even non-technical people can easily create a micro site or a web page using this.
  2. Quickly create web pages or websites within no time at all – Users can easily create web pages or micro sites for mobile application within no time at all
  3. Syndicate desktop content directly to mobile – Users of this application can easily sync their desktop content from the website to mobile devices via RSS feeds.
  4. Editing as WYSIWYG – The visual editor edits non-syndicated contents and thus, one can edit the contents without knowing HTML.
  5. Transcoding of images – The application allows automatic image transcoding for better display for the users.
  6. Plenty of tools and features to help – The application has a plenty of tools and features to help the user get the exact operation done
  7. Check out powered by Google – Users can easily collect donations, raise funds or can sell various products directly by the Google checkout service.

MoFuse is an excellent application for various individuals employed in technical as well as non-technical fields. From donation collecting to developing web pages, this application is on of its kind. The unique feature of this application is the visual editing and image transcoding, which makes it quite popular among the hi-end mobile users around the world.

Download : MoFuse mobile CMS

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