MooEditable – Mootools based online WYSIWYG editor


MooEditable is a Mootools plug-in that allow you to convert any textarea field into a simple WYSIWYG editor. it provide simple and slick user interface and offer only the frequently used items like text formatting, lists, inserting images/links & undo/redo.

you can easily switch design mode into HTML mode like WYSIWYG editor of wordpress.


Features of MooEditable :

  1. Clean interface
  2. Customizable buttons
  3. Tango icons
  4. Lightweight Mootools based online WYSIWYG editor
  5. Fully degradable when JavaScript disabled
  6. Works in Internet Explorer 6/7/8, Firefox 2/3, Opera 9/10 and Safari 3/4

Requirements: MooTools
License: License Free

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