Moroshka File Manager and FTP Client

Moroshka File Manager is an easy to use classic 2-windows file manager and viciously quick FTP client which mainly focused on to provide simple, elegant user interface, usability and sets of unique features.

Moroshka File Manager

Moroshka File Manager has got the unique capability of connecting to any FTP, WebDAV, SSH, the SMB and also the AFP server and then it will automatically shares document on your local network from your server.

Moroshka has the most advanced set of tools that will be required in a file management platform. It includes features like – batch renaming, archive handling, folder sync, remote editor, batch renaming etc. All these ultra modern features can only be accessed through the Moroshka file manager.

Features of Moroshka File Manager

  1. Cross-platform file manager with native GUI – it allows you to manage your documents in the same way between two different platform. The user interface would be the exact same and which means you will be entitled to receive the same appearance and most of all the services provided by the different platforms would be the same.
  2. Unique Brief Mode file listing for Mac OS – The feature saves much of your effective time by effectively utilizing the screen spaces for storing the files and folders. The arrangement is done in such a way that you wouldn’t require to scroll every time in order to search for a file.
  3. Touch display Mode – This feature would be only applicable if you have a tablet computer. The file arrangements can be easily done easily with the touch interface. The most advanced aspect is that, this file management system also supports the aspect of multi touch.
  4. Extended Search Probabilities in the Integrated Text Viewer – The text viewer of Moroshka File Manager has the most advanced search feature unlike many other file management systems. You will be able to find out the exact files to perform your required function in almost no time.
  5. Ability to define and jump to bookmarks for folders keeps makes the navigation by file system faster
  6. File preview allows to display the images, videos and audio files.
  7. Compatible with NTFS file system also (Windows operating system)
  8. Keep the terminal window when a process is closed
  9. Easily create links/soft links.
  10. Provide support for iPhone/iPod/iPad file system management (iTunes must be installed for this feature)
  11. Easy to Open ISO and UDF images as archives in Moroshka File Manager
  12. Multi tab layout support
  13. Provide support for all standard file format
  14. Multi-thread file management processing (several operations can run simultaneously)
  15. WebDAV, FTP, SSH, SMB client
  16. Provide support for more than 17 compression algorithms.

Thus with such outstanding features, the Moroshka manager is sure to set high notes in the market by effectively serving all its users.

Download : Moroshka File Manager

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