MoSync – cross platform mobile development SDK


MoSync is an open source, cross-platform software development kit for mobile application development based on common programming practices and standards – like full Eclipse integration and C/C++.


It give you standard C/C++, easy-to-use well-documented APIs, and a full-featured Eclipse-based IDE, so developer can easily develop complex mobile applications and then, with a few clicks, build that application for many different mobile platforms and hundreds of different mobile devices.

It includes compilers, runtimes, libraries, a device profile database, an emulator and more. These components are carefully crafted and put together to form the most powerful cross-platform mobile development SDK ever.

features of MoSync

  1. Eclipse-based IDE
  2. Advanced device emulator
  3. Resource management
  4. Device profiles database
  5. Extensive useful documentation
  6. Fully integrated debugger
  7. Selected standard C libraries
  8. Custom User Interface (MAUI)
  9. OOP TCP and HTTP Communications
  10. Collection library
  11. XML parsing libraries
  12. Font libraries/converters
  13. Support for Map rendering API
  14. On-device error reporting
  15. Batch building (finalizer)

Download: MoSync – mobile development SDK

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