Moto CMS – Advanced Flash CMS for Flash developers, design studios or freelancers

Moto CMS is a flash content management system product created based on the two basic principles of minimalism and functionality as a result of which it is a product that is highly functional in spite of being simple to use. Moto CMS is a project based on intuition which is also user friendly.

moto cms flash cms

It has been specially designed for people who are professionals and also amateurs and want to create their first website. You can create your own flash websites with the help of this product that is flexible, attractive, SEO friendly and rich in features. The flash CMS has unlimited scope for design and animation. This product can be used flash developers, freelancers and also design studios that make money through the creation and maintenance of flash websites.

The design of the product is truly commendable. Moto Flash CMS can be used to create high quality websites that have different levels of complexity. You can satisfy even the most difficult customers with the varieties that are offered. Moto CMS also provides with animation that are breathtakingly vivid for your customers.

Since Moto CMS uses API you can create full-fledged websites on Moto CMS even without the profound knowledge of Flash. In order to create a successful website that will be able to fetch money you just need to learn some basic actions like uploading different kinds of data on an automatic basis, creating and filling objects that are dynamic on the pages of the website and such others. You are provided with a set of utilities with which you can develop websites faster. These are advanced scroll bar, loaders, media loaders and items arranger and paginator.

Features of Moto CMS

  1. This product can be used to create boundless designs, animations and effects in your flash website. Moto CMS has the ability to edit any flash websites.
  2. Moto CMS has flash based content management system with the script being written in Action Script 3 which provides numerous methods to work on the site with the help of a powerful Application Programming Interface (API).
  3. You will be able to get a set of modules and components with your Moto CMS in order to do your work successfully and easily. These modules are info module, gallery module, MP3 player, Contact form and many others.
  4. With the help of Moto Flash CMS it is as easy to maintain a website as it is to type in word. You, as a user, can get numerous benefits. These include WYSIWYG editor, the capacity to add any number of pages, SEO options, multi language feasibility and such others.
  5. The online font creator has custom module and allows you to upload any font that you like on the website. Moto CMS has to ability of converting fonts fast in order to make them ready for work.

Thus you can see how Moto CMS is the best product to create a flash website for yourself and your customers.

Download : Moto CMS

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