movavi- Free Online Video Converter

Movavi Online is an easy to use free online video converter aimed at meeting all your video conversion needs. Movavi enables you to download videos from popular video sharing sites in your desired format. You can also convert the videos already on your hard drive to any other format. Another feature lets you take multiple short video clips and combine them make a long movie. The best part about movavi is that it does not require any software to be installed on your PC, everything is done online.

movavi- Free Video Converter

Movavi converter can be accessed on their website, . If you want to download a video from the internet, all you need to do is enter the URL to the video in the given box and choose the format you want to download it in. Clicking on convert will download the video for you in the format chosen by you. Converting video files from your PC works in more or less the same way. You need to upload the file, and Movavi will convert it for you. If multiple files are uploaded, there is also an option to merge all the videos into one movie. It also provides widgets for integrating movavi with your website. This enables you to share your videos with the rest of the world. Your friends can not only view your videos but download them too, from anywhere in the world.

Features of movavi

  1. A free account on Movavi allows you to upload upto 5 files at a time limited to 10 minutes each and 100 MB in size. A premium account however removes this size cap at nominal cost.
  2. AVI, MPEG, 3GP, I-POD, PSP, flash and numerous other video formats are supported.
  3. It also supports MP3 audio format.
  4. A newly introduced feature gives you the ability to make movies from short clips uploaded to Movavi.
  5. Since Movavi is a web based service, it has full functionality on Windows, Macintosh and Linux based operating systems.
  6. File sharing is another important feature. Users can choose to share videos with the rest of the community and also download videos shared by others.
  7. The sites supported by movavi include,,,,,,, and
  8. Movavi offers widgets which can be integrated into popular web browsers like Internet explorer, Opera and Firefox to ensure their services are available at the click of a button.
  9. You might also choose to embed movavi to your website or blog to help visitors convert and download videos as well.

Movavi Online is an interesting web service for the average video user. Professionals may require a more high end software for editing and converting videos. A drawback of Movavi is that it requires the uploading of videos that might lead those concerned about their internet bandwidth preferring to use conventional software. It does offer a video sharing feature however, to which provides fair competition to these software alternatives.  All in all, movavi offers the zealous video user a decent package.

Download : free online video converter- Movavi

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