Movenote – Cloud based presentation tool

Movenote has been developed to be the ideal solution to overcome many challenges regarding communication and interactions in the business fraternity.

Solely for trade purposes, a distinctive Movenote solution has been created. It enables you to manage your chosen users and sets and you can also customize Movenote according to your community representation.

Movenote - Cloud based presentation tool

Movenote is a cloud based presentation service that enhances your video presentations which will include all your emotions in built due to video graphic back up. Your work speed gets highly accelerated due to Movenote as it raises the delivery pace of your presentation to a great extent.

Hence, your clients or group members can access any important presentation at real time. Movenote involves the unique feature of both video and slides. Thus, it becomes more convenient for you to present your project directly to your customers face to face.

A direct interaction and meeting is more effective than text messages or calls any day. Hence, using Movenote you will put up a better impression on your recipients regarding your project and therefore it will be more effective.

With the added slideshow feature you can also put in any image, PPT slides or word documents and videos too for a clear and complete idea. You are allowed to coordinate your presentation with the side substance at the time of recording your video presentation.

With Movenote you will be able to save your personal presentations in your personal archives. You will be provided with a link accompanying your presentation which you can send to your clients through mail or you can also post it on your personal website or Facebook.

Movenote allows you to deal with any kind of files or documents. Thus, you can use Movenote as a multi purpose kit. You can put up photos, product details, marketing or managerial work outs, sending and receiving invites or even as a job application platform.

Features of Movenote

  1. Movenote does not involve any kind of complex installation process. You can just start using it by signing in. thus it is provided by cloud service.
  2. You are allowed to publish and put up any kind of document, be it images, PPTs, PDF files, word Docs, Excel spreadsheets etc.
  3. You can use Movenote irrespective of time and place. It is highly convenient for all time business solution.
  4. All that is required to run Movenote is the Internet. No complex configurations and adjustments are required for its usage.
  5. For sending your video presentations all you need to do is share a link that is provided with your presentation. It does not involve transferring of huge files or data.
  6. You can view the mechanism statistic, your feed in data and work history within Movenote as all your project details are saved while you work.
  7. You can prepare your presentation and submit the edited and rechecked version of it as there are useful edit controls and other formatting buttons for your support.

Download : Movenote

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