Muziboo – online platform for Musicians

Muziboo is an online platform where musicians can create their music and effectively upload it for the listeners. User can easily popularize their music and their talent for composing it in this site. You can also record your live shows and musical recording and can share them effectively with the people and share it with friends.


The Muziboo application lets you invite friends and other artists to share your music with them. As such, you can get reviews and comments on your music over here. The artists who do not generally get a scope or platform to display their talent can easily upload their music over here and people can appreciate them here easily. As such, you get recognition of your talent and music from the people over here.

It is in short a platform for displaying your talent in creating, making and getting music listening to the people who would like to hear it. You can invite people to listen and review your music over here and then post comments and their views on your music. Apart from that, you can also invite friends to share their created music and upload it in the website free. As such, you can create group bands of like-minded musicians by communicating with them through this application tool.

Muziboo is a very efficient tool for composing and sharing music with everyone you want to. You can also get your due recognition for your music and can get fans over here. Your music is appreciated in the masses ears and as such, it becomes more heard. You can upload any genre of music you are associated with.

The site allows you to compose and upload any genre of music to share it with your friends and fans. You can create a free account and then upload away your music free. Muziboo is a very useful application for musician and singers who find hard a platform to highlight their talent. This feature facilitates them to upload their video of music concerts as well as recorded versions of their music free. It is a community for musicians to make and share music to make it popular and get recognition and popularity.

Features of Muziboo

  1. Free – This tool is free to use. You can easily sign up and easily send music to friends as well as share with them instead of sending. As such, they can send their comments and views regarding your music free in your comment box.
  2. Learn – You get to learn about different music genres and their way of differentiation from one another. You also can search for other uploaded popular music in the different genres
  3. Share – You can effectively share your compositions and music creations with other people in your group and other ungrouped people can listen and comment on your music.

Download : Muziboo

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