My Office- Internet-hosted Online Office

My Office is a virtual office that is based on subscriptions and hosted by Internet. The application is designed to cater the needs of small and medium scale industries. My Office is a subscription dependent and web-hosted ‘virtual office’ platform that is designed for small and medium scale enterprises.

My Office Internet-hosted Online Office

The application consists of tools like contacts, shared diaries and calendars, tasks, reminders, email, notes and file store integrated in this application suite and works collaboratively to provide an exceptional navigation and functional experience. The uniqueness of this application lies in its flexibility.

Unlike other office applications, the application (My Office) can be accesses and used from anywhere. The application also takes care of software upgrades, security, round-the-clock support, server administration, data backup, software upgrades, etc. and much more. So the users need not to worry about these things and he or she can easily concentrate on their own work.

So, it is never difficult to access all your stored items like project details or database from anywhere you get an internet connection. The application is also regarded as world’s number one appointment scheduling system and online diary keeper. Added to that, users can keep and manage their contacts online with this powerful application.

My Office has a very simple task managing system, an intuitive email client and a shared file store amalgamated into one office application. Needless to mention, it has a free upgrade support and systems support. Moreover, the application helps the team members to work collaboratively to complete a provided task, that too, in an easy to use platform. Multiple users can use My Office at same time from various locations and can update emails, gadgets, tasks, contacts, schedules, etc. One can use the application efficiently for official as well as personal purpose.

Features of My Office

  1. Subscription based application- My Office is a subscription dependent, web-based ‘virtual office’ platform designed to cater small and medium scale enterprises.
  2. Can be accessed from anywhere- Unlike regular office applications, this application can be accessed easily from anywhere across the globe.
  3. Helps in working collaboratively- The application gives the team members a freedom to work collaboratively on any project from any location.
  4. Update database, contacts, etc. online- Users can easily update database, contacts, etc. online using My Office intuitive tools.
  5. Update and share diaries and calendars- Users can easily update their diaries and calendar events and can share them to their friends and community members.
  6. Multi-user application- My Office is a multi-user application for different types of users.
  7. Powerful e-mail client and file sharing store- The application has tools like e-mail client and file sharing store that provides the user to share even large files and documents.

The application is available in many versions, like, as a web browser version, iPhone application version, mobile browser version and Pocket PC PDA version, for various devices. My Office is an out of the box application that is equally flexible and functional. Plenty of tools and features also make the application more interactive and useful. In a way, the application gives the users to access it from anywhere across the globe ensuring full security.

Download : MyOffice

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