My Slips notepad and outliner for Mac

My slips is a creative way to create slips. It aids you in sketching your thoughts. It saves you on a lot of time. My slips also allows you to exchange your thoughts with the rest of the world. It has very simple features so that you can focus on clearing your thoughts instead of learning how to use the software. My slips stands out for its straightforward as well as lucid features. It is gaining fast popularity because of its utility as an efficient manager.


My slips is extremely easy to start off with. You do not have to spend time going through tutorials. You can instantly start using My slips and unleash your creativity. It has no complex file formats. Files are completely text driven. You can import or export slips from other applications. You can also mail them to your contacts. Sharing of contacts with others can be done with few mouse clicks. Its attributes are hassle free.

It has no time- consuming processes. It displays an exclusive and useful slip with points, notes and texts in easy formats. My slips is compatible with multiple versions of Mac. It can also be accessed from varying locations. You can easily refer to your recent slips from anywhere. You can purchase My slips through PayPal or any other payment gateway. You can download the 2.5.2 version of My slips from the official website of My slips. It costs $9.95. A lighter version of My slips is available for running in Tiger platform. But the advanced version has more customizable features.

Features of My Slips

  1. My slips is 100% text driven. It does consists of complicated text formats.
  2. Import and export of documents is simple with My slips.
  3. My slips supports quick usage with keyboard.
  4. You can zoom your view to focus on certain areas or the whole document.
  5. Menu bar application and global hot key makes usage of My slips simple.
  6. There are many customization options to give you the results you are exactly looking for.
  7. You can create templates and save them for future use. In future when you need similar slips you can just refer to these saved templates.
  8. My slips allows synchronization with applications such as iDisk or dropbox.
  9. You can search for your favorite iTunes using My slips.
  10. It is a portable application that can be loaded on to multiple systems.
  11. My skips maintains auto save and auto backup features. This helps in retaining the latest copies of your data. It maintains your data security.
  12. My slips allows full screen view of your slips. This helps your organize your all your data onto the page and handle them effectively.
  13. It has many other useful features such as developed fonts, animation and search options.

Download : mySlips- The different notepad and outliner

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