My WebEvent – Web Conferencing tool For Small Businesses


My WebEvent is web conferencing tool that makes business dealings a lot simpler and more productive. Basically it was specially designed for small scale business enterprises.

Using My WebEvent you can put up web events very easily and your webinars become more fun and interactive. it offer free web conferencing service for small business for up to 3 people staff.

My WebEvent Web Conferencing For Small Business

But if you want organise web conference with more then 3 people , you need to subscribe their services. Also, My WebEvent provides you with all day long Pass choices.

These pass options are similar to the monthly packages that enable you to host events on the web with a single click within your budget.

All you have to do is select the specific day pass that suits your requirements and immediately start hosting web events. With these day passes you can host unlimited web events within the 24 hour duration.

Using My WebEvent you can also share your recorded versions of web events directly with your favourite social networking site like Facebook and any other sites.

The Quick Share option enables your Facebook friends to view your recording directly from their news feed. Embedding of recordings is also possible with the help of quick share.

Features of My WebEvent

  1. My WebEvent provides you with the special option of webinar using which you can upload any PPT, PDF or text documents as well as share with your Co-workers. In My WebEvent your video transmits is recorded while your presentation is being put up.
  2. My WebEvent includes an interactive chat feature that enables presenters and members to correspond with one another.  This features promotes contribution.
  3. The feature of screen share in My WebEvent allows your co-members to observe your personal computer screen directly from their home computer desk.  After you have started with your WebEvent, just click on “Start Screen Share” button.
  4. No software or even plug-in installs are required for screen share.  Participants are allowed to witness whatever is screening on your desktop while you explore different websites.
  5. As a host you are enabled to secure your live as well as recorded events by shielding them with individual and unique passwords.  Thus it is possible to direct the person accessing your WebEvents be it live or recorded.
  6. With My WebEvent you can host a web event involving multiple participants via the Interview form.  Host control can be transferred among multiple participants with a single button click.  Your complete web event is recorded in a synchronized manner.
  7. Managing and organizing all your WebEvent Recordings is easy as all those are stored in one set on your ‘My Account’ Page. You are also provided with personal web page called ‘My Room’ where you can add recorded WebEvents to a specific playlist.
  8. You can become a My WebEvent Affiliate for free. My WebEvent account owner is provided with a customized My WebEvent Affiliate connect.

Download : My WebEvent

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