Mybantu – Your online personal assistant

Mybantu is an online personal assistant, which helps you to work out on all your needs and requirements. You can easily create your community in this site and connect with your friends and colleagues to cater your diverse needs. Reviews, opinions, suggestions, proposals, promotions, experiences, and anything under the roof can be shared on Mybantu.


You can create your own profile page and then connect with your fellow mates and people to share experiences and opinions. You can also invite them to get themselves on Mybantu so that they can come over to join here in their own profile and connect with you to experience the benefits.

Mybantu application lets you have a healthy interaction between you and your colleagues. The application encourages healthy interaction between your communities to share opinions and thoughts. You can also share information, additional knowledge and other experiences with your friends to let them comment on it.

This application facilitates healthy interaction between the members and everyone should respect each other’s opinions without posting any untoward impolite comments. Even if anyone wants to criticize the opinion of anyone, he is encouraged to do it constructively without hurting anyone’s feelings and sentiments.

Mybantu is a healthy platform for interaction between people of different zones. It facilitates different people from across the world to connect with each other easily and share thoughts, opinions and experiences healthily. Without making any obscure or hurting posts and comments towards anyone, you can have good communication and interaction among the people of different races.

The application lets the user have his privacy and personal information need not be shared with everyone if you do not want to. You can change the settings and then set your user privacy settings to hide information, which you do not want to share with everyone. You need to abide by the terms and conditions issued by the site to get a good account status. Violation of the laws would lead to elimination or block of your account from the site. This feature helps you to sort out your priorities. You can always seek opinions from your friends when you are confused about choosing anything. Apart from that, you can also share your beautiful and sad moments and experiences with your friends. The application also gives you recommendations to decide well on your options and choices.

Features of Mybantu

  1. It is easy to use with feasible features. You can easily sign in on an account and enjoy the benefits of Mybantu.
  2. you do no need to pay a penny to get an account in this site. You can easily get an account registered in your name and connect with your friends.
  3. Sign up and Connect – just sign up and log in and you are constantly in communication with your friends and colleagues. You can easily converse, share comments and facilitate good communication with them.

Download : Mybantu online personal assistant

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