myClippings- clipboard manager for Mac


myClippings is a very useful and simple clipboard manager for MAC OS X. it specially designed to provide ease-of-use and most important of all: speed. It never slow down, hang or crash your computer, Even with thousands of stored clippings and best of all – you are free to archive often needed clippings and also grouping them is a no-brainer.

myClippings- Mac clipboard manager

You can paste a recently used clipping into an active window, view or field in two (three) simple steps and in less than a second. If needed you can even export or print a clipping. myClippings is designed to run for days, weeks or month in the background without using much system resources – yes on old G4 machines running Tiger, too. If Auto save enabled myClippings will automatically auto-save its changes. So even when you’ve forgotten to pay your utility bill- your clippings are save!

Features of myClippings:

  1. Tool bar application
  2. unlimited items
  3. unlimited groups
  4. intuitive handling
  5. Specially designed for speed
  6. global hotkey
  7. keyboard navigation
  8. drag-and-drop
  9. iTunes-like search
  10. auto-save
  11. store clippings permanently
  12. export | import entire archive
  13. group often needed items
  14. no waste of system resources
  15. print and export clippings

Download : myClippings- clipboard manager for Mac os x

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