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Myows provides you copyright management and protection. It is time that the creative lot wakes up and star organizing their work and protecting their copyrights. This is an efficient tool which prevents illegal copying and helps you to avoid fighting long and bitter legal battles. Myows is being used extensively all over the world to protect copyright laws of creative.


Myows protects your intellectual property rights. It also maintains backup copies of your work. It compiles your original works, contracts and licenses into one place. You can access these file from anywhere. Myows helps you manage your works like a true professional. It gives you access to super click certificates, sample contracts, licenses and tips on copyright protection and legal information. Myows equips you with restricted labels and graphics to organize your website, presentations or documents.

Myows works consistently to prevent you from landing up as a victim of illegal copying. This way you are saved from the notorious job of fighting legal battles which costs you both time and money. Myows understanding with Copybyte gets you discounts for registering your copyright. You can keep your work hidden from public viewing or allow it for viewing on the galleries of Myows. There are three packages available- Freelancer, Pro and Pro+. The first package comes free of cost. The last two cost $5 per month and $50 a year respectively.

Features of Myows

  1. Whenever you upload a copy of your original work on Myows, a copy of it with the current date and time is saved on the secure servers of Myows. You can upload a photograph, logo, the whole of a website as zip, blog post, an audio or video file, a text file or any other form of digital file.
  2. You can produce a great deal of reliable evidence while you work on Myows.
  3. You can produce authentication certificates almost instantly without much effort.
  4. You can tag your work so that you can refer to it easily later.
  5. You files are kept private unless you change the settings and put them up for public viewing. Your password is SSL encrypted.
  6. You can hunt down thieves and implement measures to prevent theft of your work.
  7. You can organize your rights with contracts and licenses. Myows will look into the maintenance of these proofs.
  8. Myows guides you through a step by step dispute solving process in case any disagreement arises related to copyright laws of your works.
  9. Myows let you send cease letters to offenders.
  10. You can also send DMCA takedown notices through Myows.
  11. In case you have no option but to fight a legal battle owing to illegal theft of your works Myows assists you in building and managing your copyright cases.
  12. Myows gives special concessions and makes special arrangements for large agencies or creative firms.

Myows provides the perfect solution for maintenance of copyright laws of your work. It gets your work done effectively. It guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

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