MySQL Workbench – visual database design tool for MySQL


MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform, visual database design tool for database administrator’s and developers. which provide an integrated tools environment for: Database Design & Modeling , SQL Development (replacing MySQL Query Browser) and Database Administration (replacing MySQL Administrator).

MySQL Workbench - visual database design tool for MySQL

It’s a highly anticipated successor application of the DBDesigner4 project. MySQL Workbench will be available as a native GUI tool on Window, Linux and MAC OS X. MySQL Workbench provides three main areas of functionality:

  • Database Connections : Allows you to create and manage connections to database servers. As well as allowing you to configure connection parameters, Built-in SQL editor help you to execute SQL queries on the database connections.
  • Server Instances : Allows you to create and administer server instances. This functionality replaces that previously provided by the MySQL Administrator stand-alone application.
  • Database Models : Allows you to create models of your database schema graphically, reverse and forward engineer between a schema and a live database, and edit all aspects of your database using the comprehensive Table Editor.

Download: MySQL Workbench

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