N2 – lightweight CMS framework based on ASP.net

N2 is a ASP.net based open source content management framework that help you to create simple, easy to use websites which anyone can easily updated. it has simple, intuitive web content editor and empowering web interface while developers will benefit from a programmer friendly API that makes building web sites quick and fun. N2 is an open source project release under GNU Lesser general public license (LGPL).

n2-asp-net-based-cms framework

Features of N2 CMS

  1. Easy to organize all pages in a hierarchical structure.
  2. Easy to develop: define content using .NET classes and attributes (no boring point and click web interface)
  3. full control of content and nodes
  4. Ajax based drag and drop content into regions
  5. Extendable editor UI
  6. WYSIWYG content editor
  7. Supports scripting including jQuery, prototype and MS AJAX
  8. Support multiple types of content, everything from articles to blog comments
  9. SEO friendly URL’s
  10. support for multiple site with one installation
  11. ASP.NET data binding utilities
  12. Create, read, update and delete pages stored in a database.
  13. Copy, move, sort and search pages.
  14. Database agnostic
  15. lightweight CMS framework
  16. Separation between text (content) from templates (HTML).
  17. View and rewind to earlier versions of a page.
  18. Organize, delete and link to uploaded documents and folders.
  19. Word-like input of formatted text/content.
  20. Role based access control to edit interface and to branches of the pages within the site.
  21. Simple User manager

Download : N2 CMS 2.1 beta

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