Create clickable prototypes or export Balsamiq Mockups to HTML/CSS/JS and Adobe Flex 3 with Napkee

While creating an elaborate web or desktop application, it is essential to perpetually supervise its progress. For this, the working of the application is checked at regular intervals. The best way to do this is create a comprehensible prototype of the original application, and then use it to add features, thus undergoing a process of constant up-gradation. Napkee is a software available on the internet that lets you create and use such prototypes of such applications. Using such prototypes, you get a clear idea of where your application is running well, and also identifying parts that need to be modified.


Creation of a prototype, in technical language, is called a mockup. Another web application called Balsamiq is one of the best applications for creating mockups. It used to export mockups made in Balsamiq in the form of usable internet codes like html, JavaScript or CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). After exporting, you can use your mockup just like any other web application to see how it is working.

The good thing about Napkee is that it has a vast set of effective buttons, using which, you can easily modify your mockup to your liking and export it without having any sort of knowledge related to computer coding whatsoever. Napkee and Balsamiq have the same set of control tools, so any modification in Balsamiq can be tweaked in Napkee. Usage is also quicker and easier.

Once a project in Balsamiq is linked with Napkee, all changes and saved files in that project are automatically imported in to Napkee. Besides web based prototypes, Napkee also lets you create mockups for normal applications. You can export a project from Napkee that will run directly on Flex Builder 3, an application-building software by Adobe.

Features of Napkee

  1. Napkee runs exceptionally well on the Macintosh operating system. It also runs on Windows and Linux.
  2. The upper part of the Napkee window is used to name your project. You can also designate the nature of the project, or the purpose it is to fulfill, here.
  3. Napkee can handle multiple projects at a time. To allow you to access more than one project at the same time, it has a menu on the left side that shows the names and details of all your open projects.
  4. The main work area is provided in the middle, where you can open and modify mockups, and then export them in the format of your choice.
  5. The “Preferences” window in Napkee provides you with a wide range of options for you to modify your mockup.
  6. Each part of your project is saved uniquely in Napkee. It also provides you the option to modify the parts during each export. This option can also be turned off if the need be.
  7. In case you want to export your project to be opened through Flex 3, you have the option to export it as a web application or a rich internet application on Adobe AIR as per your choice.

Napkee provides you the option to keep an eye on the progress of your application at every step. Moreover, you can create a usable prototype of your application with Napkee and send it to your clients to allow them to have an idea of the work done so far.

Download : Napkee

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