NEdit – Multi purpose text editor for X Window System

NEdit is a Multi purpose flexible text editor built specially for the X Window operating system.

NEdit - Multi purpose text editor for X Window System

It has simple, easy to use, standard graphical user interface with the comprehensive functionality and stability which necessary for users who regular edit text as their profession.

NEdit provides serious support for progress in a vast range of languages, content processors, as well as other tools. But it also ensures simultaneous effective productivity by any person needing a text editing tool.

NEdit version 5.1 may be distributed under the certificate of the General Public License free of cost.

NEdit was initially created on a UNIX system and hence available for every UNIX and Linux OS. However, NEdit can be used on other platform too, provided an existing X Window setting is available.

For example, MacOS X, OS/2 and MS Windows are provide support for NEdit. The recent established release of NEdit is 5.5 versions.

Once you have gone through all the exciting features that NEdit offers you go ahead and download it from its official website.

All your queries regarding troubleshooting and even upgradation of your NEdit version is available on their website.

NEdit is built in with some unique features to facilitate text editing process. These features are:

Features of NEdit

  1. It is used as the key editor for several programmers of UNIX and VMS. It is highly consistent with respect to Motif, MS Windows and conventions by Macintosh. It has been specially developed for intensive usage, give rapid response, smooth interactions and editing expertise. You are provided with unlimited undo opportunities. Thus, it is a highly efficient command system.
  2. You are given a total graphically formatted multi-window UI, mouse oriented editing, swift response assortment, WYSIWYG drag and drop selection scope, huge compatible existence with X, Motif and inter-customer protocols.
  3. NEdit has a very simple learning procedure and hence applicable to all users. Its usage too is simple and requires basic typing skills. The application tools and services are well organized and offered to you in the menu in a listed form. You also have complete and efficient online support for all your editing requirements. It is not necessary for you have any expert information regarding X Windows as every significant option is GUI enabled in the command set.
  4. NEdit offers State of the art language rules prominence as highlights possessing incorporated outlines for C, C++, Java, Ada, FORTRAN, Pascal, Yacc, Perl, Python, Tcl, Csh, Awk, HTML, LaTeX, VHDL, etc.
  5. Your editing methods are facilitated by a library containing more than 150 in built functions for editing.
  6. NEdit is a self controlled distinct executable organizer and is easy to install.
  7. Pre-built, tested executable available for Silicon Graphics, Sun (Solaris & SunOS), HP, Digital Unix, Ultrix, IBM AIX, Linux, and VMS systems.

Download : NEdit

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