NeedMyPassword – Online password storage and recovery system

NeedMyPassword is a system that helps in storing any password and recover it whenever needed. Using this online service, the user can keep the password safe and lesser are the chances to loose it. It is not always safe and secured to store and recover the password online, so you may need a site, which saves your passwords with security and displays them whenever required.

Online password storage

This tool was made to ease the mind of the users dealing with many passwords. The owners and operators of the site defray all its costs. The tool was made for those who deal with plenty of passwords and are unable to remember them. This is operated as a hacker free system.

Subscribing to this online service is quite easy and will take a minute of yours. You can create an account with your own unlimited, online password storage paying a nominal fee. If anyone wants to avail this service, all he or she has to do is to click on register button and create an account. The “show” button lets you see your account and password.

There absolutely no chance of you loosing the password if one stores his or her password or other info in needmypassword. As the system has been developed in such a way that it guarantees the safety and security of the passwords of the users.. Incase this happens all you have to do is to answer one question to access your account.

You can choose from lot of questions and this makes it almost impossible for anyone else other than you to get your confidential information. For the sake of security, if one looses ones password, all the system can do is reset and erase the account.

Features of NeedMyPassword

  1. One can access the application from anywhere
  2. The application needs hardly 30 seconds to get installed and users can use this application without any tutorial or guide.
  3. It has a patent encryption system.  The online service uses 256-bit and one-way encryption to make sure no information breach occurs.
  4. One can store unlimited password for a paid account.
  5. The users can register for free, and upgrade it by paying a nominal fee.
  6. Apart from using this online system for storing passwords, users of this application can also store their confidential information, favorite web sites, and personal account numbers too.
  7. The application is quite easy to install and operate.

The application, needmypassword, is a strong medium to secure your credentials. Needmypassword is fighting a big battle against the identity theft, which at times many people face, and the application goes a long way to do so. This free, simple and secure way gives you a peace of mind against your sleepless nights of either losing your password or being a victim of identity theft.

Download : NeedMyPassword

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