Nimbleschedule Employee Scheduling Software

Nimbleschedule is easy to use, easy to operate Employee Scheduling Software specially developed for simplifying the task of employee scheduling procedure.

Nimbleschedule employee Scheduling Software

Thus, Nimbleschedule is an employee scheduler that helps you cut down the tedious process of employee scheduling also helps you to focus more on the productive aspect of your business.

The browsers supported by Nimbleschedule include Firefox (3.6, 4.0. 5.0), IE (8, 9), Safari (4, 5), and Chrome.

With the help of Nimbleschedule, user can improve their customer service by assigning the right employees in the right position.

by accurate staff allocation, you can enhance customer satisfaction through efficient service.

Nimbleschedule doesn’t let your physical absence from any meeting counted as you can inform your staff online regarding any change in the schedule from any geological location.

It helps you to create schedules for your existing employee availability. Where employees can record their availability online, so the user can use this information give by existing employees and easily create the schedule.

You can create schedules in order to minimize the employment cost by reducing overtime.

You are also allowed by Nimbleschedule to make spot project decisions due to the easy availability of employee work history.

Features of Nimbleschedule Employee Scheduling Software

  1. Schedule multiple locations faster, very faster.
  2. Visualize and create error-free schedules directly from a single user-friendly dashboard.
  3. Categories schedule by employees, department or position.
  4. Timely Access to employees Availability
  5. Create a schedule template from scratch and reuse them to reduce schedule creation time.
  6. Collaborative user interface for employees to easily request time off, swap shifts, and manage work schedules.
  7. NimbleSchedule user interface brings together new shift assignments, upcoming open shifts, and trade opportunities into a single dashboard.
  8. Nimbleschedule gives you a digital Profile Page where managers can view and change their current location, position, and assignments.
  9. get instant notification and immediate confirmation on employee availability and non-availability.
  10. Powerful simple reporting features will help you uncover the people that are making you money while putting your finger on the people that are costing you money.
  11. Easily take Snapshots of activities for all your locations.

Download: NimbleSchedule

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