Quote generation made simple with NM Quote

NM Quote is flexible web based quotations software that allows you to produce, modify, send and track intricate quotations efficiently and estimates by just a click of the button. There are different plans and pricings for NM Quotes.

NM Quote

All these plans and pricings come with a free trial of fourteen days. In this trial process you do not need to provide your credit card details in order to sign up. The three basic plans are Corporate which can be used by ten users and provides three hundred quotes per month and comes with a price of $49 per month, Small Business in which there are maximum three users and provides fifty quotes per month at a price of $25 per month and Freelancer which can be used by a single individual and provides ten quotes per month at a price of $9 per month.

If you are unsure about which plan to opt for you can go for a fourteen day trial free of cost without having to provide your credit card details. After you have decided on a plan you can pay through either Visa or a MasterCard. The best thing about NM Quotes is that you can cancel the contract whenever you feel like and there is so annual contract as such. You can also change plans as per your convenience.

Features of NM Quote

  1. With the help of NM Quotes you can generate the estimates projects that are complex in nature. This can cover one-off and costs that are recurring along with agreements of maintenance. You can present quotes in a format that is accessible and also can be reviewed and accepted by clients quite fast.
  2. This quotation software is comprehensive and has the ability to track and report facilities. There is a dashboard that will show the stage at which each quote is residing and statistics that breaks down the performance of your team and shows it step by step.
  3. With the help of NM quotes you can customize the templates you use in your business to suit your purpose. This software enables you to set up templates for your whole team. This is turn saves a lot of time that can be used to make new sales. These templates are easy to use and they have the flexibility to be amended in order to suit the quotes that you produce in spite of its complexity.
  4. NM Quotes have a web based system that allows for flexibility and easy to use features. Since there are customers spread all over the Internet the ability to operate with multiple currencies is not an issue.
  5. NM quotes have tutorial videos that will guide you through the simple process of quote generation. It will also guide you through the features that will help you to send, amend, track and compile statistics on your quotes.

Thus you can see how NM Quotes and be a tantalizing option if you are looking for a successful web based quotations software.

Download : NM Quote

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