Nota – collaborative whiteboard wiki

Nota is an exclusive, cutting edge collaborative whiteboard wiki that helps users to create, share, and collaborate on brainstorms, presentations, scrapbooks, and virtually any other form of online material.

Nota - collaborative whiteboard wiki

Using Nota’s authorized toolset you can directly combine text files, videos, charts, clip art, and snaps from either web album or on the home computer.

You can also put up images that are non-licensed from Flickr, and substance from a wide collection of sources. You can next right away embed your work into Facebook or selected blogs.

Thus, you can share and join together with your friends and evaluate your work using Nota.

Nota has been developed to simplify your document creation and presentation process. It does not require you to be a software specialist or engineer to use Nota into your computer for its services.

Its simple interface is suitable even for the layman. So, no prior computer experience is essential for using Nota. It is enabled to a very fast pace of creation and development and this accelerates the entire mechanism of your work.

You are also allowed to embed your documents in any of your preferred locations including your favorite blogs or most visited social networking sites.

Nota will automatically notify changes to any of your preferred location in real-time. Nota has been objectively built to provide support to interfaces that deal with touch and use mechanisms.

Nota is a user-friendly online collaborative software that includes some exciting features that are very easy to follow and thus implement greater working capacity and outcome.

Features of Nota

  1. Nota offers you the options of texting, editing, and sharing your documents which may include texts, videos, pictures, clip arts, etc.
  2. All the services Nota provide are easy to use and are simple even for a person with little or no computer base.
  3. To get started with Nota you just have to get registered and after you sign up with Nota just follow the instructions for editing and sharing your documents.
  4. If you want to create a new notebook page then you will just have to log in and open your Nota page and click on the link showing the tab “Create New Notebook”. And you will instantly receive a new notebook.
  5. There are options for private viewing or public viewing. If you do not want to share your documents then click on the private button and vice versa.
  6. The editing process in Nota is very simple. After you log in to your Nota page you will come across a tab showing “Edit” and once you click on it you will be able to edit your Nota page.
  7. For incorporating any video or image you are provided with the insert option within your edit caption.
  8. For text insertion, all you have to do is click on the “Text” tab and drag and drop it wherever you want to put it.
  9. Uploading images or customization of font and screen color options are provided by Nota as well.

Download: Nota

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