Notable – Create better webpages wireframe with faster Iterations

Notable helps you to upload webpage images or screenshot and lets you share with friends and colleagues. It is an website design software using graphic images and many other things to develop and design a website. Apart from designing a website with images and prints, it also helps in developing the site look and format arrangement of content.


With the assortment of different tools and graphical formations, you can create your one place to share images and captures for all. Notable also features a feedback feature where the viewers and your colleagues can post in review regarding your collection. You can make your account as public or private you want it to be.

By customizing different features, you can keep your account restricted to accessible by friends and groups. Apart from that, you can store different application image groups within different category for your friends or colleagues. This feature gives you an advantage of collecting and storing all your captures within one place in an organized manner.

With the use of Notable, you can upload and Download your screenshot , images and work frames from anywhere. You can embed them through Google Chrome, IE or any other browser. You also can get good feedback and solutions whenever you need them regarding its use. You can make web pages and fully coded pages with Notable at its best.

Notable strives to get you to the solution within time. With its different features, it helps you to get your browser customized and your webpage with your personal images. You can share it with friends to let them share ideas and views regarding your creation. Notable offers interactive design strategies to give good ideas for promotion of your products.

Apart from that, you can get their help whenever you need regarding the use of this application. The Notable working team is a bunch of enthusiasts who work out in collaboration to provide you the best of service. With their developed features, they have upgraded a number of web page sites including Facebook, Yahoo, EBay, Reuters and other popular ones. They use interactive design and strategy to provide solutions to business problems. With the service, you can design effectively without any hassle, also getting sessions of developing your website into a more powerful business tool. With the group of designers to look forward to, Notable gives entrusts their hard work and experience to get you the best.

Features of Notable

  1. Notable lets you change your website features to get you a new outlook. You can change your navigation tool and other tools of your account and let a makeover of it.
  2. You can capture a bookmarklet and instill the image into your browser. You can even take the format of the webpage through the bookmarklet.
  3. With the bulk image uploader, you can upload loads of pictures getting loads of images into your browser.
  4. You can get your images also with your desktop application and the images store there or either through your phone and Photoshop application. These applications feature their photos and get them installed into your browser for the personal feel.

Download : Notable

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