Nub – Folder Comparison for Mac

Nub is an easy to use Folder comparison utility for Mac that lets you spot the differences between different folders in an efficient and beautifully stylish way.

nub Folder Comparison for Mac

A point of difference from other products of this kind is that it can compare any number of folders. It also has an option for file level comparison.

The product is pretty useful for even memory management as it would prevent you from having duplicate files on your system.

As stated. The first attractive thing about this utility app is the graphical User interface. The efficiency with which it works and the way it displays the results looks really cool.

Nub works quick and easy identifying all the changes in the folders and only displays what is important and hides all that is not required. it is not only compare more than two folder but also save the comparisons made by Nub for future Use.

Thus if in future you again need to verify the same folder , you can just re run the recent comparisons made by Nub.

Nub also supports file level comparison by integrating with other applications. It can automatically detect Araxis Merge, Kaleidoscope, Changes, Text Wrangler, File Merge and BBEdit and you can also use your own custom tools.

Features of Nub – Folder Comparison for Mac

  1. Comparison options – Comparison of folder can be done by file contents, missing files, file dates and also with hidden files.
  2. No limits – Unlike most other Folder comparison utility , here you can compare any number of folders at the same time.
  3. Go deep – Nub allows you to look even inside packages.
  4. Speed – With ‘Quick Look’, you can search for any particular folder.
  5. Save comparison setups – Nub lets you save your comparisons, so that if you need to compare the same folders frequently, you can re-run the comparison again.
  6. Full keyboard control – All functions can be operated through keyboard shortcuts.
  7. Automatic detection of external file – level comparers – Detect other similar software installed on your computer.
  8. More options – You can easily copy files and folders to the neighboring folders.
  9. Drill into folder.
  10. Drag and drop folders from Finder.

The graphical folder content display helps in easy comparison of the folder contents. But though the concept of the software is nice, it needs some polish before it can become popular among users.

It does work efficiently and produce results after comparing the directory contents up to a basic level.

Since it is a new software it definite suffers problem. Some to mention are:

  • It will start comparing as soon as you set the second directory, without waiting to set other parameters.
  • There is no start button to initialize the comparison or even a stop button if we want to terminate according to your wish.
  • There is no option to save your comparison reports.
  • It crashes in a non consistent way, usually with larger directory comparisons containing a bit large number of files.

Being a new of its kind, it might not be perfect, but it’s worth using till you get a better one.

Download : Nub – Folder Comparison for Mac

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