Nutshell CRM – Online CRM software for Google App

Nutshell CRM is an application that is modern as well as web-based that helps in the effective management of your customers and leads.

All the contacts in your Nutshell can be viewed directly from your email. All your emails can be saved directly from the Gmail to the Nutshell with just a single click. Contacts can be easily created from the Gmail.

nutshell crm

The interface of Nutshell CRM is pretty easy-to-use that helps in the effective management of the sales leads and customer of your company.

it contain various sales process management tools in the Nutshell CRM that helps in the automation of your insightful graphs and sales workflow also provide certain information’s to the management.

Google Apps integration provides synchronization between Nutshell activities and Google Calendars, as well as a gadget to interact with Nutshell directly from Google Mail.

Nutshell CRM also offered Native iPhone App with world first video activity logging and android App is also available very soon.

it also easy to send Messages through the use of v1.1 Google App that allow for proper detection whether the messages has reached the destination properly or not.

It is also beneficial for larger businesses in which several people work together, where Nutshell is used to offer user pricing, where the users a charged a minimum amount for using it for a time span of less than two hours per month.

The starting price is $25 for per user on a monthly basis and more than 100 users opt for it. The appearance of the Nutshell CRM is also very pleasant and it is basically an appliance provided on-site.

You can easily access data anytime from anywhere using the Nutshell CRM and even during the time of need. The technologies provided by Nutshell CRM is also richly built and they are also very efficient as well.

Features of Nutshell CRM

  1. Easy email tracking – BCC all your significant mails to Nutshell CRM and follow complete conversations neighboring a lead.
  2. Google Apps – You can easily sign in to the Nutshell CRM via your Google apps.
  3. Eliminate duplicates – You will have the ability of finding each and every duplicate account and thereafter you can simply merge it with a click.
  4. Make custom fields – Administer exclusive data significant to your company and take the advantage of the custom fields while preparing your report.
  5. Immediate search – Typo-proof hunt from anyplace in Nutshell
  6. Calendar – Nutshell activities can be synchronized to the Google calendars and you can thereafter share it with your colleagues.

Nutshell CRM has all the effective features plus many unique features that separates it from other CRM’s. Nutshell is a must try CRM software.

Download : Nutshell CRM

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