NutshellMail – Manage Social Networks through Email

NutshellMail keeps a record of your brand’s social media activity and notifies you with a timely synopsis to your email inbox. NutshellMail has made manage your social networking accounts easier. You can collaborate social networking with promoting your business using NutshellMail. NutshellMail is becoming very popular among small time business groups who do not have the finances for huge advertisements.


NutshellMail compiles copies of all your recent updates from your profiles in all social networking sites into one single mail. You can view all your updates in a snapshot in your email inbox. NutshellMail supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, MySpace, YouTube, Foursquare, and Citysearch. Using NutshellMail makes supervising and handling your social media presence easier and more efficient. You time is extremely precious so NutshellMail saves your time by giving you all information at once.

You do not have to sign in separately to all your accounts. You do not want to miss any updates on your business. NutshellMail lets you keep track of every change related to your business. NutsheMail comes free of cost. You do not have to spend a grand to promote your business. Promotion f your business through social networking sites is an easier and cheaper option these days. With such huge number of people in to social networking you are sure to get notices. NutshelMail is safe and secure.

Features of NutshellMail

  1. Keep better track of your Facebook account- You can keep track of your Facebook pages. You can view any updates – likes, post, comments and messages. You can manage your Facebook profile using NutshellMail. All your birthdays of Facebook friends, photos uploaded by other, friend requests that you have received, posts made on your wall, invites from events and groups, private messages and updates from your friends are integrated all into one mail.
  2. Tweeting is easier-You can view your mentions, latest fans, results of newest searches made, and tweets from your preferred topics in your Twitter abstract. Nutshellmail allows you to tweet, reply and retweet from your email inbox.
  3. Better Linkedln Tracking- You can see your updates of your profile and suggestions from the whole of your network and supervise all your conversation groups through a single, interactive mail.
  4. Improved Ratings and Review Tracking- You can observe latest ratings, review and updates from your Yelp, CitySearch and FourSquare accounts.
  5. Social Media promotion- You can use social networking websites to promote your business. These sites provide a great platform for advertising about your products. Whether or not you have the finances to go for big-time promotion social media should be considered as a serious option. It elevates the visibility of your business and converts fans to loyal customers. Using Nutshellmail you can advertise you small business on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp etc.

NutshellMail is a great option for all those busy souls who do not have time to log into their accounts individually on each site. NutshellMail helps in promoting your business through the social media. It is a perfect solution for small business. It is sure to get your job done.

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