OCRKit – Simple and Streamlined OCR for Mac OS X

OCRKit is a fast and easy to use application to recognize texts from PDF documents, graphics, illustrations and images and converts them to searchable PDFs. It uses OCR or Optical Character Recognition technology to recognize the characters. This application is useful to read the non-formatted PDF documents which are received via web, office applications, DTP built or are scanned or copied.


The user can easily use this application to convert PDF documents, images and illustrations into searchable PDFs by recognizing the characters. OCRKit uses the Optical Character Recognition technology tool to recognize the characters and easily converts them to searchable PDFs.

The application also helps in transforming texts in RTF or HTML formats and save them. It also allows to save TXT UTF-8 encoded simple text documents. Supported by MAC, this application is easy to use and can convert almost anything and everything in texts.

For the convenience of the users, the application is available in various languages and supports various OCR languages too. The users need not to learn the application and just by simple operations like ‘click’, ‘drag’ and ‘drop’ can help.

Features of OCRKit

  1. Converts PDF documents or images into searchable PDFs- OCRKit converts PDF documents or images into searchable PDFs easily.
  2. OCR technology- The application uses Optical Character Recognition to identify the characters of a graphic, illustration, image and PDF and converts them to easily recognizable PDFs.
  3. One click application- OCRKit is a single click application where the user can simply convert text documents by simple operations like ‘click’, ‘drag’ and ‘drop’.
  4. Multiple documents recognition- The application can convert multiple PDF documents easily at one go and converts them into searchable PDFs.
  5. Can convert files from different formats- OCRKit can effortlessly convert text files and documents from, scanners, copiers, downloaded from web, DTP built, etc. It can also read text formats like PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, PNM, Open EXR and JPEG 2000.
  6. Multilingual support- The application provides multi-lingual support for user-friendly interface and also can read files in English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese (both traditional and simplified).
  7. Saves various formats- The application can export and save formats like PDF, RTF, TXT UTF-8 and HTML.
  8. Creates easy to read PDF files- The application easily converts PDF documents which are accessible from anywhere and is easy to read.
  9. Support for Apple Script- OCRKit has built-in Apple script support that helps in programmed batch conversion for the professional users of the application.
  10. Automatic Image Filters- The application has a powerful image filter and an optional de-screen which filters the PDF documents and images to increase their visibility and readability.
  11. Additional HTML document saving support- The application provides an additional HTML document saving support.
  12. Smart, yet simple interface- OCRKit has a smart yet simple interface and has a quite user-friendly application to help the users in converting the documents easily.

OCRKit is a simple yet very useful application for the students, professionals or any business organization where the documents available in any format can be easily converted to searchable and easy to read PDFs.

Download : OCRKit

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