Omnifocus- The Best task management Tool for Mac

Omnifocus is mainly designed to deal with your thoughts and freeze them quickly. You can store them and organize them into actions.

It is a Mac-based task management tool with a twist. It has a more informal way of dealing with getting your work done. With a great range of flexibility to suit different working styles.

It’s a handy and elegant tool that lets you stay in control of your projects and focus on finishing the tasks rather than wasting your precious time on unimportant jobs.

Omnifocus Best task management Tool for Mac

It costs $79.95. The pricing is not very high given the smart and up-to-date look of the software. You can also go for specific up-gradation like the family pack or educational pack. You can stay connected to Omnifocus even when you are on the go.

There are certain added features in the desktop version such as the Project-based customized organization and storing review dates for projects.

It has a WebDAV server to let you connect from any location. It has efficient synchronization abilities when you switch from desktop to iPhone or vice versa. You can refer to the active support base on the official website of Omnifocus for a basic idea on how to use Omnifocus.

Features of Omnifocus – task management Tool for Mac

  1. You need to install the software on your system whether it is your desktop or iPhone.
  2. Readily transfer and track your tasks to your inbox. If you do not have the time to organize them you can come back and process them later. Capture them on the fly with a panel that takes in the quick entry. This procedure is even faster with the keyboard shortcut available for this function.
  3. Set your tasks into different categories with the help of an efficient context feature. You can pick on each context and finish your tasks context-wise. Contexting is frequently done according to working mode. You can also allocate all your tasks to particular projects.
  4. It lets you synchronize with your task database from a server or even a disc. This helps in maintaining the updated status of your tasks from your desktop, iPhone, or iPad. Synchronization is also possible over your local network or even your USB device.
  5. You can effortlessly filter and sort your tasks. A few mouse clicks help you view your data in multiple ways.
  6. Using Omnifocus you can manage your personal as well as professional goals effectively.

Omnifocus is an efficient software to manage your tasks without much effort. It makes your work easier and saves your time. You can surely depend on this easy-to-access system. It never fails to deliver expects outcomes. It ensures total satisfaction among users.

Download : OmniFocus

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