Omnis Studio – Visual RAD tool for build Applications for your Enterprise or the Web quickly and easily

Linux is not considered for use, especially for the developers who need the help of the RAD tools. Though there a very few tools in Linux that are of some use but still each and every developer charge $10,000 or even for working.

Omnis Studio - Visual RAD tool

Recently the Omnis Studio has been developed by the Omnis Software that lay the field of software development in Linux.

The various products of Linux are now being shipped from one place to the other in-spite of the fact that this company has been in the market for twenty years or even more.

The approach of Java is being taken by the Omnis Studio for the development of the software that enables the creation of only a single program for a cross-platform that provides a development environment that is highly graphical.

Omnis Studio provides an What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) visual design environment for building e-business, database and client/server applications.

The visual elements can be simply dragged-and-dropped onto the design window of yours with the intention to create the type of appearance as per your liking.

This studio possibly run on all the major operating systems of the desktop including Mac OS X, Windows & the users of Linux in teams as well as single users for testing, development, deployment and previewing applications seamlessly without depending on the type of platform being used.

There are around 70 built-in Components (menus, buttons, reports, fields, pictures graphs, and many more) and Objects in the Studio that provides a great deal of flexibility for designing any kinds of project from the databases of single-user to the business solutions that are fully-fledged.

Features of Omnis Studio

  1. Edit as well as build windows, information panels as well as dialogues within minutes with the provision of an editor that is pretty easy-to-use property and also component store.
  2. The position of palette window is very flexible, and also great flexibility is provided for workspace objects and information toolbars, thereby permitting you the previewing as well as the editing of the objects of application through which you come across.
  3. You get the opportunity to preview the applications that has already been finished, the view of the design for applications that are yet to be developed or the view of combinations for all the type of elements. Through the explicit use of the Omnis editor the codes can be easily maintained as well as read and they can be even written in your application behind each and every object. There is a provision of a built-in debugger that enables you to decode your application on a line by line basis. You are free to set hard/non-volatile as well as soft breakpoints in your own methods, that allows you to share issues as well as highlight them with the other developers.
  4. Debugging at the Run-time. The code that has been written by on a line by line basis can be changed by you at anytime as per your need and they do not require any linking or compilation.
  5. Omnis directly supports traditional SQL databases such as Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, DB2 and Informix, as well as Raining Data’s advanced multidimensional database, D3. Most other databases may be accessed via JDBC or ODBC.

Omnis Studio is highly graphical and takes the approach of Java that strengthens its flexibility.

Download : Omnis Studio

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