Freeagent – online accounting make easy for freelancers

Freeagent helps you to manage your online accounting and invoices in an efficient manner. It works great for freelancers and small businesses. It reduces your work load. It’s a simple online accounting software that does not require much effort to begin using. You do not need to worry about maintain your online accounting anymore. You can focus on your business. Accounting is a time-consuming job. Freeagent simplifies your job and saves time.

small business online accounting software freeagent

Using Freeagent you can create estimates and send them to your customers, keep track of time being devoted to your projects, build final invoice from estimates, receive payments online and manage your accounts and taxes. You can also represent your revenues in the form spreadsheets and PDF. The Freeagent has an efficient dashboard which helps in compiling all information related to your finances in one place. You can add you tax payment and invoice due dates to your calendar.

Freeagent provides free support to its users and also upgrades your accounting software regularly. Your data is secured with Freeagent. Working with Freeagent is simple as there are no complex jargons that you may come across with. There is a free 30 day trial period with the $20 per month package. There are no additional fees required for installing setups or hidden costs. It allows unlimited users to access your Freeagent account. It provides effective backup of your data and does not involve any long-term contract.

Features of Freeagent – small business accounting software

  1. Using Freeagent you can draw up estimates which have a professional look without the brand name of Freeagent. These estimates and proposals can be mailed to your clients almost instantly so that can approve and review them.
  2. You can build comprehensive invoices that show payments that are due, overdue or cleared on a monthly basis.
  3. You can track all your expenses including those that have been scanned from receipts.
  4. You can draw out or deposit money in your bank account using the electronic bank statements and create charts on a monthly basis. Freeagent makes it easy and quick for you.
  5. You can also visualize your profit and loss and evaluate how much money your business making at the end of the day.
  6. Freeagent takes care of your tax dues. It shows a timeline for payment of taxes and prepares you well ahead of time. You can export these details to other applications such as Outlook or Google calendar.
  7. Freeagent collaborates with several other applications such as HM Revenue and Customs, Google applications, Basecamp, Capsule CRM, Float, e2cargo and IRIS.
  8. Freeagent is also available as MobileAgent, DoubleAgent, Out of Pocket, Time Tracking Widget, Eon Time Tracker Geckoboard applications which are applications for your iPhone and iPad. They help you manage your invoices even when you are on the go.

Freeagent is the ideal solution for invoice management of your business. It always delivers what it promises. It does not add heavily to your expenses. It guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Download : online accounting software – Freeagent

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