OpenPublish – open source online news publishing platform

OpenPublish is an easy to use, open source online news publishing platform specifically designed to meet the needs of any publisher – whether large newspaper, TV news site, niche information publication or something in between. It is a flexible solution easily tailored to fit any organization’s needs.


It has simple, Intuitive user interface where user can quickly and easily edit, manage and publish your content. From custom content types to asset management to source document integration, publishing rich content is made so simple. also provide some powerful features such as in-stream advertising, social networking applications, RSS feeds, content syndication and audience engagement are accomplished with minimal work, to provide maximum effect.

Features of OpenPublish

  1. Content Flexibility and customization allow you to easily publish articles, blogs, multimedia, and much more.
  2. Support for RDFa (Resource Description Framework – in – attributes) and is powered by a semantic metadata engine to provide contextual tagging.
  3. With Facebook and Apture integrations, commenting, topic hubs, and a content sharing widget, help you to build your community easily and keep them on your site longer.
  4. Support for Syndication and Promotion
  5. SEO friendly URL’s
  6. Support for Keywords and Meta Tags
  7. Using standard Drupal search functionality
  8. Support for Sitemap XML
  9. Assets management

Download : OpenPublish

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