Newsblur online RSS reader that Displays the Actual Web Site

Newsblur is an online RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader. The main task of an RSS reader is to read and publish regularly updated web content, better known as "feed". Like most RSS feed readers, Newsblur uses a standardized XML format to download updates and publish the new feed, which can be used later on by other programs as well.


Using Newsblur, you can choose to accentuate the topics you want to read, and want to keep. The rest will be automatically filtered. Newsblur checks your subscribed feeds regularly for new work. You can avoid manually inspecting all of the websites you are interested in, and instead subscribe to websites such that all new content is pushed onto your browser when it becomes available.

Newsblur uses a JavaScript or HTML5 platform that helps you connect to more than one server at once. It is flexible with almost the web browsers from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. When you visit a website and want its content to be the feed for Newsblur, Newsblur saves the site as a picture and then reads, updates and publishes any updates it finds.

So, if you want to read the updated form of the web content, you should be on Newsblur’s page, and refer to the picture of the original site as taken by it. Newsblur also has an intelligent algorithm to identify and save content you might like. When you like a certain web content and you keep a certain part of it highlighted, be it the author or the publisher, or the title itself, Newsblur automatically reads and saves later material in which your highlighted preferences are found. Content which does not have your highlights is generally not taken as feed automatically. To feed such content you need to manually instruct Newsblur to do it.

Features of Newsblur

  1. Newsblur has a unique "intelligence slider" with which you can rate your read content. If you like it, you slide it to the right, else left. All web content with similar references are automatically "liked" by Newsblur.
  2. Being an open-source program, Newsblur can be used by anyone.
  3. On Newsblur, content of otherwise slow sites can be opened much faster.
  4. The "star" option enables you to save content in Newsblur.
  5. Newsblur has an "intelligence trainer classifier" that lets you like or dislike different parts of the same content for future referral.
  6. You can import tools or preferences from Google-Reader on to Newsblur and use them.
  7. You can enjoy your share of privacy by setting a password on your Newsblur page.
  8. The "feed view", that is, the content of a web page on Newsblur, constantly displays how the content is getting gradually updated.

Newsblur is one of the most user-compatible online RSS feed readers known. Its intelligent algorithm makes it easy to use, thus making it fit for 100% customer satisfaction.

Download : newsblur- online RSS reader

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