Make a sticky note online with Lino it

Online stickies can be created so that it can be viewed from anywhere through the use of Lino it. An entire group can be created who will help you to share files, reminders, stickies, and this is mainly done among the members of the group.

Make a sticky note online with Lino it

You can easily see the content of your page by just clicking on any of the canvas that are available on your page. There are already several stickies attached to the canvas of yours that helps you to get essential and required information through the use of Lino it.

You can select any color of your choice that again depends upon your taste. The editing tools that are provided by Lino it are pretty easy to use and they appear automatically at the time choosing the sticky.

The icons that lie in the bottom can be easily used up to share, "peel them off," edit and many more features. An entirely new group can be created by using the page of your Lino it.

it can be used by teachers as a very professional resource using which they can easily share certain on formations with parents, each other, or students.

Lino it is absolutely free for the users of iPads as boards can be easily accessed from both iPads as well as computers (which fail to work with the sticky boards that are Flash based).

Features of Lino it

  1. Files can be easily shared using the stickies – Files can be attached to the lino it stickies and that very file can be viewed by you both at office and home. Even file sharing is possible with your friends, family, and colleagues.
  2. If the membership is provided to you freely then you are permitted to attach a file of length up to 10MB within a single sticky – The maximum size of the total file that is permitted to be saved in a month is 100MB while a maximum of 10 attachment files can be downloaded from the stickies of other users’ in a month.
  3. Everything is told to you by my Page – The status of Group Canvas as well as My Canvas is available to you just by giving a mere glance at it. Even the due dates can be easily checked by you after giving a mere glance on your schedule.
  4. Search – The stickies’ text can be easily searched by you on the basis of keywords. Instantly you will be provided with the result you need!
  5. Now Docking has really become very easy – My Favorites, Group Canvases and My Canvases can be easily switched now among various users. You can easily move or copy the stickies by dropping and dragging them into the thumbnails of canvas on Dock.
  6. Embed lino it – You are only required to copy and then paste the HTML and the next moment you will find them embedded you’re blog page!

Thus, Lino it helps in the online creation of stickies. The stickies will help you to share pages as well as it will help in the searching of texts related to stickies by just providing the keyword. Thus, its use is really very effective and highly beneficial.

Download : lino it – Make a sticky note online

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