OnSugar- hosted publishing platform and blogging tool

With the extended reach of Social Media applications blogging has become a way of life. Blogging is like your diary on the web which you use for interacting with various likeminded people. Starting from your business failure to the stock market crash, you can write anything on your blog and there will be loads of people on the internet who will read and comment on it.

OnSugar hosted publishing platform

A blogging platform is mainly for sharing ideas and therefore it is imperative that the speed of the platform is pretty fast and there is no access problems if unless the blogger wants to restrict access. OnSugar is a blogging platform which helps you to express your feelings, needs and wants in a stylish manner.

OnSugar provides free blogging services to everyone. After you sign up on OnSugar you can make your ideas accessible to everyone in the world, irrespective of their location. You can share your personal life details and start a conversation with anyone in the world regarding any topic in your life.

You can either share your thoughts or you can even go ahead and share videos and photos. You can restrict access to only family and friend if so desired. You can start a blog in a fraction of seconds and there is no lag time on the server. You just need to make a few clicks and a blog with several applications like posts; photo galleries and many more customizable features are created. You can also personalize your blog with the help of various themes. You may also design different widgets for your blog page. For an absolute personal touch you can book your own domain without having to incur any extra additional costs.

Features of OnSugar

  1. Easy Editing Features – With OnSugar you can edit your posts with ease. In order to edit your posts you just have to select a different post type and the themes and photo galleries are loaded automatically.
  2. Payment Option – You can get paid in two ways. Either, you can put up third party ads on your blog page and you will be paid depending on the number of clicks on those advertisements or you can decide the ads that will be put on your website and you will be paid for those ads also.
  3. Breathtaking Galleries – You have the option of uploading multiple images at a single time in order to create attractive and luring photo galleries. OnSugar also allows access to Getty images and you can take your blog to a professional level by putting up pictures taken by professional photographers.
  4. Charming Themes – There is a whole list of alluring themes you can choose from for you home page. You can either select the already uploaded themes or choose from the ones created by the community. In case you have knowledge about CSS then you can even create your own custom theme.
  5. Plethora of Widgets – The already provided widgets allow the option of adding twitter feeds, blogrolls etc. to make your blog more popular.

Blogging has lured professionals from its very inception. The added attractiveness of OnSugar can be attributed to the payment options. OnSugar has no server lags also and therefore is worth using.

Download : OnSugar free blogging platform

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