Onswipe – Tablet Publishing made simple

Onswipe is a platform that enables publishers of all sizes to make their content and advertising experience aesthetically enjoyable in an insanely easy manner. It is a new digital publishing tools company. Its mission is to make mobile browsing swipe-friendly like a tablet app.

Onswipe Tablet Publishing

OnSwipe is available on all touch devices enabled with web browsing. OnSwipe transforms and makes publishing simple across all touch enabled devices. With OnSwipe, media content and advertising come into view and function just like they do on native websites and applications.

Thus OnSwipe provide a magazine-like experience on touch devices. OnSwipe is addressed to a growing industry need where tablet use is on the rise. According to a recent Forrester estimate, there will be 50 million tablet users across the world by the end of 2012, five times more than the current number of users. This is a wonderful opportunity for publishers and a number of them have already signed on with OnSwipe.

OnSwipe gives publishers the opportunity to provide their readers with the best browsing and advertising experience tablet and touch enabled devices. Using OnSwipe one can make his/her content look beautiful on all touch devices. As an editor one just have to turn the OnSwipe platform on and it will automatically organize the given content into a customizable, aesthetically designed and iPad friendly format.

One can get started with OnSwipe within just 3 minutes. It is accessible anywhere, anytime and in any touch enabled device. OnSwipe increases reader engagement and traffic with touch optimized experience and through content recommendation respectively. Though it offers an app like experience on the web, OnSwipe is NOT an app in the real sense. OnSwipe is financially backed by investment firms like Spark Capital, ENIAC Ventures  (a seed investor in mobile ad network AdMob) and Betaworks .

Features of Onswipe

  1. Layout Adjustment: Content layout gets adjusted in accordance to the way the reader holds his/her iPad.
  2. Home Screen Icon: Using OnSwipe readers can save their blog to their home screen and have an icon next to all other apps.
  3. Cover Image: It makes an attractive magazine-like cover using the image that it grabs from the latest article of the publisher and makes the article look gorgeous.
  4. Loading Screen: Readers, when they tap on the icon, are presented with a loading screen with an image or graphic chosen by the respective publisher.
  5. Article Reviews: OnSwipe also provides the users with an amicable find apparatus that makes recommendations for articles to review and suggests Web sites to visit. This apparatus is powered by Bit.ly, which is a link-shortening tool grown by Betaworks.
  6. Comments: OnSwipe pulls the existing comments and allows the readers to leave their own.

Using OnSwipe, publishers can infinitely customize their content and advertisement in an easy going manner. It is user-friendly and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and in any touch device via web browser. It makes the editor do a very little struggle and arranges the content into an aesthetically designed pattern.

Download : Onswipe

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