oomfo – Flash Charts for PowerPoint

oomfo is a Flash Charts for Microsoft PowerPoint which lets you add high end concept charts to the PowerPoint presentations. It is a simple and powerful PowerPoint add-in, which helps you in creating eye-catching charts and presentations. PowerPoint has the regular charts and drawbars, which are used by the people. As such, this application gives you high-defined charts and graphs to modify your presentations.

oomfo - Flash Charts for PowerPoint

This application work well to present your work in a developed way to get the attention of the viewers. When you can easily develop and upgrade the presentations with the help of this beautiful tool, you certainly would try it for making your work more presentable. You can change and form your settings according to the type of charts you want and the application will provide you remarkable presentation charts to suit your taste.

Apart from that, oomfo creations will definitely attract the attention of your viewers into giving you remarkable views about it. This application needs no installation or additional software application support. You can easily download the application from the site and use it away in adding creativity to your work. The name word oomfo is to mean that it gives added oomph and viability to your creations to make them more attractive.

You can share it with your friends by telling them about the application. With a wide variety and sections of different visuals charts and graphs, you can make sure your work will be more presentable. The regular PowerPoint creations have the same design work repeatedly. As such, this application will give the added zing to the visuals by attractive modern designs in it.

You can download it and start using away in your work. The application is an effort to simplify work and develop the techniques of data presentation. With the support of FusionCharts, which is known for Flash based developed data visualization, oomfo provides creative designs and presentation formats. You need to change the settings and it will give you the charts according to what you want. The oomfo application works with the different versions of Microsoft Office as well as PowerPoint features.

features of oomfo

  1. The product is absolutely free as well as easy to use. All you require is its downloading and you are there to use it away. The standard version has all the features needed to develop your work.
  2. The Abode Flash player is required for viewing the charts and graph visuals of the application. The application however automatically bring in the Abode Flash Player incase it is not installed in your computer beforehand.
  3. With the stunning and eye-catching visuals, you can make sure your viewers will have their gaze transfixed to your work. The work will definitely impress your audience.
  4. The application is easy to use with its simple work techniques. Apart from that, you can even customize the chart diagram presentations according to your choice.
  5. With the advanced presentation formats, your work becomes more power based and developed in tune with the modern work features.
  6. The creations are interactive and you can conduct multiple feature changes with the features.

Oomfo is a creative presentations application giving you high quality work and presentable visuals.

Download : oomfo – Flash Charts for PowerPoint

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