OoSooMpro – Task management and Secure Document Filing System

OoSooMpro is task management application, which helps you to manage the tasks and other work. It is a task management software which ensures that you do not miss out on any task schedule. This application is compatible with any platforms.

It is a also secure digital filing system allowing users to drag and drop PDF files, JPG files, DOC files etc. into ooSooMpro, enabling them to be filed away. The files are saved in better way to be easily found out and used later. This application is a web based project management tool where you can easily manage projects online. It also features customer support tools and products for the different applications for the customer.


You have different features to handle and prioritize the reports, work schedules, and you can create notes in your project for the team members and important information. You can also get review from your clients and interact with them easily. The customers can effectively review your projects. You can also get the information and the messages which your clients may leave for you and you can reply them their messages accordingly effectively at ease.

The application encourages you to have easy and fluent communication with your client. You can also keep effective track of each message and communication between you and your customers. You can also monitor projects and share project information with other members, along with scheduling tasks and work assignments for the members.

You can also review project reports and reviews by the clients through this software. With the OoSooMpro, you can also schedule web mobile reminders for your work and other project urgent aspects. The application will send you a reminder about the work and urgent aspect in time. The text message will include the reminder and the details you schedule in it. Apart from that, you can also create, share and manage documents in the application without any hassle.

It’s also a document management tool which useful for store passwords, and other confidential information effectively. Apart from that, you can easily secure your information to not let others view it. The application is an easy to use feature, which requires no installation and can be easily used with the USB drive. Apart from that, it is compatible with any computer system and can easily support its features. With diverse products for different services related to software application management and added features, the OoSooMpro is a good service.

Features of OoSooMpro

  1. It is a simple application tool and you need to buy these service products to use them effectively. You also need not download the application, and can effectively use it.
  2. You get different products, which are effective for working with in your applications. These products are efficient and give you good service for your computer.
  3. The OoSooMpro has a broad client base with large number of companies and clients seeking its products and services.
  4. The application does not require any installation process. it easily manage documents and tasks with its drag and drop feature.
  5. In case if you want to delete the ooSooMpro application, you simply need to delete the ooSooMpro folder and the application is deleted.

Download : ooSooMpro

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