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Classified advertising is a special field or type of advertising which is mainly circulated via the newspaper media, magazine and often distributed as pamphlets. In the recent period, with the help of the advanced computer services, the classified service has come up online too.

Open Classifieds Classifieds PHP Script

Online classifieds are more advantageous as the advertisements in the newspapers are basically short and you have to pay according to the lines or columns. Your classified advertisement in the newspaper is not always effective and may or may not provide efficient results.

Open Classifieds is basically a web generated script catering to the aspects of publishing web classifieds, listings and also general advertisements. This web service or application is extremely secure, light, fast and the most important aspect of all – it is very SEO friendly.

It is also very easy to control and is also embedded with various templates to help you generate your classifieds more easily. The SEO friendly aspect helps you with the factor that your classifieds can easily be searched from the different search engines, thus brightening the effectiveness of your posting. It is definitely much more effective compared to the common newspaper classified publishing. It is also very much URL friendly and is designed with the services of Captcha, Cache, MySQL etc..

Features of Open Classifieds

  1. It has different categories
  2. It can be accessed from every cities, towns or regions
  3. The classifieds can also be assigned with concerned pictures for more effectiveness.
  4. GreyBox service is provided for displaying and storing the images.
  5. You can also see the number of times your classifieds are viewed from the views counter.
  6. Confirmation of postings against your classifieds via e-mail
  7. Contact forms are also provided
  8. Complete administration interface
  9. It also provides the services of modern and powerful HTML editors
  10. You will also have the liberty to edit the advertisements after posting
  11. Item remarks by “Disqus” Comments System.
  12. Videos via YouTube can be uploaded
  13. Provides an effective service of Accounts administration
  14. It will also post the Expiration days of your ads.
  15. Provide “AdSense” Assistance

Benefits to the CMS

  1. Computerized easy install
  2. Easy to manage with all the powerful options
  3. Payment through PayPal
  4. Provide support for Captcha authentication
  5. Multilingual
  6. Templates based Theme
  7. Modern Widgets are also provided
  8. Google Maps are incorporated to increase the effectiveness of your advertisements
  9. Lively sidebar for active support
  10. Database support to ensure proper administration and avoid any problems
  11. High execution with cache
  12. “Akismet” services provide spam avoidance.
  13. General Public Licensed Software

SEO optimized features

  1. User friendly and SEO friendly URLs
  2. Embedded with Google Analytics to analyze your traffic
  3. Also provide support for RSS Feeds
  4. Auto generated Robots.txt and Sitemaps

Therefore if you wish to get a more effective result from your classified postings, opt for the Open Classifieds internet services.

Download : Open Classifieds

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