Open Public- Drupal based CMS for government websites

Open Public is an open source network to form websites that are transparent, scalable and secure. It is basically an open source content management system based on Drupal. The application, being community-driven, is based on the network of contributors across the globe.

Drupal powered Open Public is custom-built to enlarge open source government sites. The application is basically community-driven and working towards developing an efficient network of contributors globally.

The interface has a smart look and feel and a user-friendly interface to woo the users. The users can easily access the information of their site. Plenty of features and tools in this application ensure better functionality. Open Public also ensures security to its users.

Features of Open Public Drupal CMS

  1. Smart Interface- The application has a smart and clean interface, which looks visually appealing. The application has two custom themes that the users can apply by simply clicking on them.
  2. Can be customized- The users can add their themes easily and can customize the look and feel of the application.
  3. Easy to access- The application is accessible effortlessly by the users and helps the users in providing an ease to navigate. This accessibility is due to section 508-compliance for public users and administrators at the back end.
  4. Intuitive and easy to use Dashboard- The dashboard of the application allows the users to update & manage contents, and edit them if needed. One can also publish images and graphics here easily.
  5. Media room feature- The Media Room feature helps the user to share and quickly upload any breaking news or any information that user wants to share within his community.
  6. Organize easily- The application helps in organizing and publishing a staff directory of the user’s agency and define the content type of profile.
  7. Filter tools and features- Apart from customizing the look and feel of the application, Open Public also allows you to keep the tools and features you want and remove those which you feel is not necessary.
  8. Secured- Open Public keeps all the documents protected by user-defined password, thus integrating the security needs of public sector/governments.
  9. Different approach towards website making- The application has a different approach towards website building and helps the user to take some simple steps towards making website.
  10. Community based- The application is completely based on the users community and has plenty of contributors to share ideas.
  11. Easy to install- The application is easy to install and the setup completes within no time at all.
  12. Single click application- All the applications here can be operated using a single tap of a button.

The application is a boon to the public sector and government enterprises that help in building websites that are easily accessible as well as are secured and safe. The unique feature of this application is that it is community-driven and is running on a network of active contributors across the globe.

Download : OpenPublic Drupal CMS

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