Open Scholar – website creation tool for academic community

Open scholar is an all-round open source package for creation of websites designed especially for the academic community. It has renovated the creation and maintenance of academic and research oriented websites. It lets scholars devise and coordinate their own website.

Open scholar is licensed under GNU General Public License, minimum Version 2. You can freely download, distribute and adapt the program according to your convenience. Open source is unique because creating academic websites is an expensive task. But Open Source comes free of cost and it does not compromise on the quality of service it provides. You can easily download and install Open source on your computer.

openscholar web site-creation tool

It lets you build your website in a very short span of time. These websites have specific versatile tools that allow construction, sharing, and conservation of knowledge more rapidly and more resourcefully. Open source assigns personalized domains for every website. Once you install Open scholar you can host several project or personal sites. It manages the entire process of website development efficiently. Open source has a user-friendly and interactive interface.

It allows you to incorporate your customized themes and special features to your website. Open source is here to allow self-creation, self designing and self management of your website. You do not need to be dependent on any external resource for managing your website.

Features of Open Scholar

Open Source is easy to handle and uncomplicated. It helps in building websites with graceful styles. Its features are-

  1. Smart Publishing- Open source has made formatting text simple for you with the WYSIWYG editor. You can also insert HTML elements. Semantic URLs increases the visibility of your website. You are assured top rankings in a search engine result. You can arrange content and topics to enable viewers track necessary information effortlessly.
  2. Pluggable features- Open source has in built templates to divide your site into sections. The control Panel hosts options which let you coordinate features of your website on your own. You can also tag features as private or public and control their visibility.
  3. Content Aggregation – Open Scholar maintains the freshness of the content of your website by extracting content from applicable resources like RSS. It already has RSS feeds integrated with it.
  4. Sleek themes, elegant look and feel- The Theme Picker tool guides you through a list of sleek and smart themes. Each theme can host a range of distinct color schemes to give the website a required look and feel. The layout tool lends flexibility in the way you can arrange contents on your website.
  5. Social collaboration- You can invite other scholars to your website and add links of activity updates relevant to your community. You can also share web pages on social networking sites.
  6. Analytics- Open scholar work in collaboration with Google Analytics to keep track of what is happening in your website.

Open scholar is specially designed for the academic community. It caters to the specific needs of creating a website with a scholarly background. Open Source does its job efficiently. It guarantees 100% user satisfaction without burning a hole in your pocket.

Download : web site-creation tool for academic community

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