The Best Tally Alternatives – Open Source Alternative for Tally

Tally is one of the most popular accounting software packages in the world. It is being used equally by small, medium as well as large-sized businesses across the globe. Interestingly, this accounting software is most widely used in India also.

Tally Alternatives

However, there are a few other open-source alternatives to this accounting software as well. These open-source alternatives capable of carrying out all the functions that traditional Tally software is capable of doing. So, below are the best Tally alternatives software.

Best Open Source Alternatives for Tally

1 Post Books – Perfect Tally Alternatives

Post Books is an open-source accounting, as well as resource planning software, uses by medium and small-sized enterprises. It is entirely free software and released under the CPAL license. Post Books accounting software is available in the English language, but now it also supports many languages.

Some of these languages are Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese as well as French, among others. Post Books software is split into several modules: sales, Accounting, CRM, Manufacturing, Products, Inventory, and Purchase.

However, the modules are arranged interactively, depending on the requirements of the clients. Apart from this, this software also supports multi-currency and multilingual capability. That makes Post Books international software to be used for a variety of business accounting purposes worldwide.PostBooks – Tally Alternative

2 GNU Cash – Open Source Tally Alternatives

GNU Cash is small in size; however, it is relatively efficient in dealing with your accounts, particularly your enterprise’s financial matters. Additionally, it has been made available for different working methods similar to Linux, Solaris, BSD, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS.

GNU Cash is simple to use and comes throughout as very highly effective and versatile accounting software. It lets you monitor your bank accounts, your bills, and your income. Apart from this, it is possible to make use of it as a checkbook as effectively.

This software program’s structure is primarily based on professional principles of accounting, and it ensures to provide the most correct and balanced record of your money-related issues.

Mutual fund accounts, double-entry accounts, reports, graphs, and transaction matching are a few of the highlights of this accounting software. GUN cash is an excellent alternative option for Tally software.


3 BS1 Accounting – Free Alternative for Tally

BS1 Accounting is an Open source of inventory software meant to help your small business enterprises. A few of the highlighted tasks used by this software are Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Inventory, Sales, and General ledger.

The software is set up in a way that suits the size of your display screen effectively. Being a user-friendly interface, it’s utilized by a lot of individuals. The export and import of products become very straightforward with this software because of its multi-currency feature.

Also, it’s able to monitor the receivables and payables of various currencies. Other than this, the loss and gain rate in every transaction can also watch by this software.

BS1 Accounting

4 Turbo Cash – Inventory Control Software

Turbo Money is an entry-level inventory control software specifically designed for use by single customers. It’s most acceptable when utilized by comparatively small networks in addition to different distributed networks.

It is usually made appropriate with different working systems corresponding to Linux in Wine and Delphi developments in Windows. This software additionally helps the developer’s script, and this makes it stand forward on this listing.

Other than this, different specs embrace multi-language and multi-currency features. Additionally, there are local Plug-Ins included making the experience more worthy for the customers. It’s able to conserve the monitor of all of the creditors, stocks, and debtors associated with any particular business.

TurboCASH Accounting

5 TAMS – Best Accounting Software

TAMS stands for Time Accounting Management Software. It is a unique accounting software built on PHP and PostgreSQL that offers an entirely new range of functionalities in its package deal. These embrace billing, accounting, in addition to monitoring packages.

The TAMS software is handy for small businesses corresponding to independent contractors. Also, the companies involved in consulting work will have the ability to monitor their time on any individual project.

It additionally allows them to generate payments accordingly. This software is suitable for use in nearly every form of enterprise because it saves lots of time. It also prevents necessary tasks from slipping away from their deadlines and guides so that the finance doesn’t exceed the deliberate budgets.

All this accounts for making an effectively-outlined work schedule and, therefore, will increase your workers’ productivity.


6 OBA – Online accounting software

OBA stands for Open Business Accounting. It’s a useful web-based accounting software best for all companies. It has been modified from SQL ledger to suit auditors, accountants, and all other individuals who require finishing up large data entry as part of their daily job.

A few of these are sales summary, quick data entry, in addition to a unique transaction number for each transaction happening from inside this software. It can usually perform functions like accepting payments, delivering sales, and keeping track of all of your transactions in a simple to view and understand manner.


7 Turquaz Financial Accounting

The Turquaz financial accounting software is easy to use accounting software used by all the small and medium-sized businesses. It is double-entry financial software that aims to perform target operations such as accounts payable, inventory management, accounts receivable, general ledger, advanced report, journal, and advanced analysis.

Some features of this software are its compatibility with multiple currencies and multiple languages. What makes this software more valuable is the fact that it involves various functionalities while offering a user-friendly approach to the users. – Turquaz Financial Accounting

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