Projekktor – Open source HTML5 supported multi media player


Projekktor is an open source HTML5 Supported Multi media player written in JavaScript that allow you to create a stunning video experience without flash but it mainly focus on free open media formats OGG theora and vorbis available on as much browser platforms as possible to keep encoding- and distribution costs as low as possible.

projekktor - html5 video player

Flash is used only whenever there´s no native H.264 support available. In such cases it use minimalistic SWF which mimics an HTML5 video element as good as necessary.

User can easily embed any audio- and video- content to any website – based on single files or on multiple ones bundled through playlists and also display the videos in full-screen. it use HTML, CSS and JS while featuring as less adobe flash as possible (just for fallback) to allow customization by a modicum of effort.

Features of Projekktor:

  • Use less adobe flash if no native H.264 support available
  • easily customizable/themeable by hacking one central CSS file
  • support for playlists
  • Open source project
  • Free for commercial and non-commercial use (GPL license)

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