Open wonderland – Java 3D virtual collaboration toolkit

Open Wonderland is an open-source 3D virtual collaboration toolkit that helps you create a 3D virtual world, collaborative business applications, interactive learning platform, and multi-user simulations.

Open wonderland - Java 3D virtual collaboration toolkit

By using these virtual worlds, Users can share live desktop application screen, communicate and collaborate in education, business, or government context.

The main aim of Open Wonderland is to offer a platform that is strong enough with respect to safety, scalability, consistency, and workability that lets organizations depend upon it as a virtual world to carry out genuine business and education.

Open wonderland Java 3D virtual collaboration toolkit

People should be allowed to do their actual work within a virtual world, discarding the requirement for another collaboration implement while working together with others.

The types of alliance that can occur within the breathing space contain auditory communication, direct desktop applications, and shared formation of space content.

Features of Open wonderland

  1. It facilitates the sharing of 2D apps, including X11 and also non-X11 apps. There is a shared application framework comprising of a whiteboard, sticky notes, and PDF viewer. It offers a tab “Show in HUD” to view apps on a glass panel.
  2. Wonderland offers clear audio reception.
  3. Access 3D virtual worlds via URL
  4. Easy to drag-and-drop any document or application into a 3D virtual world that is compatible with the Microsoft Office suite for viewing.
  5. It offers you with telephonic integration through dial-in and dials out options. It allows you to connect links to spaces via telephone sound system.
  6. There is multimedia collaboration in wonderland which provides video players, webcams, add up and streaming of audios to any graphic world you wish to. There are virtual mics too.
  7. Communication becomes simpler through wonderland using text chats for groups and individuals too. You can use the voice chat options for private discussions with more than one user as well.
  8. The avatar configurations are built-in for user benefit. There are also drag and drop entitled avatars taken through
  9. In wonderland, you can put up placemarks to identify an object for simpler navigation.
  10. Different portals can also be generated on the same or different servers.
  11. It gives word assembling options and content creation of all kinds.
  12. It gives complete extensibility to you. There is a module warehouse in wonderland which has lots in store for you.
  13. The security is looked after in wonderland. The general username and password process is followed.
  14. The system managerial structure of wonderland includes in-space tools, web-based administrative consoles, and web-based content storehouse and remarkable scalability options. Depending on the tool configuration, it can allow up to 60 users at a time.

Download: Open Wonderland

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