openCanvas – paint/drawing software for cartoonists and illustrators

OpenCanvas is a painting or drawing software developed by PGN Corp that helps you to keep a track or record of your drawing procedures for future reference.


In openCanvas you are provided with a function button of “Event” that enables to go through a replay of the creation method of an image.

it has simple, easy to use user interface, which offers pleasant and realistic strokes of brush. It also offers a variety of filter, covers and tones.

OpenCanvas is highly recommended for both amateurs and expert users. OpenCanvas requires some specific OS support that includes Windows XP, Vista or 7. It requires free space capacity of 10MB and more.

CPU system has to be x86 Compatible Processor equivalent to SSE2 RAM Recommended Memory Capacity by the existing operating system for smooth application of OpenCanvas.

Further, it needs a resolution capacity higher than 1024 × 768 pixel and the measurement of colour intensity must be higher than 32 bit i.e. 16,770,000 colours and Wacom tablet as peripherals.

OpenCanvas has the suitable and most appropriate features that are required for a painted illustration. These features include:

Features of OpenCanvas

  1. OpenCanvas provides you with “Pen” and “Brush” tools for enhancement of your illustration. There are many paint strokes that include water colour, fountain pen, brush paints etc. with the installed paint tolls, editing and fixing any of your illustration will become greatly simple. You have the option to apply an earlier saved image file of bitmap for the “Pen” option which will spread out your artistic flairs vastly.
  2. There are different kinds of filters available which provide various types of effects that include auto levels, blur/sharp, emboss, saturation/frost, cloud, bright etc. there are different layers also available which help you to multiply, screen view, superimpose etc. using its efficient interface you can crate a unique tone for your illustration purposes.
  3. OpenCanvas is a user friendly paint software that based on Graphical User Interface (GUI). Its smart interface includes a palette of tools that offers you with your own organized workplace that you can use according to your needs. This palette can automatically adjust, dock or fold up functions whenever required.
  4. It also provides you with 4 types of colour selectors that have 18 varieties. You can create and select colours according to your requirement.
  5. You are also allowed to make, form and develop your personal Pen, Tone, Brush or colour using the pre installed editor of OpenCanvas. And thus make your presentations unique.
  6. There is a special hand control feature in OpenCanvas software. While the Hand Control is used, the cursor takes the shape of a “Hand”. Due to this you are able to control all the functions of “Pan,” “Rotate,” and “Zoom” simultaneously.
  7. You can experience OpenCanvas using its trial version free of cost for few days.

Download : openCanvas

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