OpenInviter- import contacts from your favorite email providers

OpenInviter helps you in online marketing and employs engaging strategies like Viral Marketing. With OpenInviter you can import your contact list from a wide range of E Mail service providers. The list of E Mail service provider includes India Times, Libero, Clevergo, Mail2World etc.

You can even integrate the mail contacts with your content management system like JamRoom, Symfony etc. Scripted in PHP 5 OpenInviter does not require constant database maintenance. However, cURL or wget may be necessary. OpenInviter may be run on any web server.


OpenInviter does not have any usage cost and is a self hosted solution. No third party gateway is used for importing contacts. OpenInviter is open source and modifications on the source can be made from any part of the world. This is why it keeps on coming up with a host of new APIs. You do not have to incur any additional cost for downloading the software and the software can be easily downloaded from the download section in the website. All the features of OpenInviter can be accessed for free and this is what makes the software so appealing. You can even create your own customized API or hire a development team for the purpose.

Features of OpenInviter

  1. You can access your address book from all the major E Mail providers in the world. Contacts can be imported from as many as 40-50 E Mail providers. While the most famous providers like Gmail and Yahoo are also there on the list other not so famous providers like Plaxo and Rambler are also there. So no matter which one you are using as a personalized mail or other prominent mail services like Gmail, you can import your contacts with relative ease.
  2. You can integrate OpenInviter into your web site without any trouble at all. In order to integrate OpenInviter into your website you just need to ask your designer to work on it. Chances are that the designer will be able to integrate OpenInviter into your website in less than five minutes.
  3. You can receive constant updates through OpenInviter which makes your job much easier. So you can sit back and relax while all important updates from your visitor’s page will transfer to your page.
  4. At the time of writing this article this is the only software that supported WGET and cURL. This helps to install the software with a wide range of compatibility across different server systems. In case of other software libcurl needs to be installed in order to access them from other server software. But with WGET and cURL as request handling methods OpenInviter have revolutionized the hosting system.
  5. Real Time dynamic access is provided with service providers. So as soon as an E Mail provider opts out of OpenInviter you will get the Notification immediately. You can change your E Mail provider accordingly to continue using an integrated mail with OpenInviter.

OpenInviter has evolved into prominence because of its ease of use and fast service. Instant notification has been one of the main reasons for its current prominent position. Viral Marketing is one of the most important marketing tools and OpenInviter helps your business to market the products effectively.

Download : OpenInviter

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