OpenKM – Web based Document Management System

OpenKM is an web based open source, highly scalable document management system that allow you to easily manage various types of documents and arbitrary files.

user can easily organize their data in an easily accessible Web 2.0 environment where files can be dragged and dropped for easy organizing, sharing and content can be searched easily with document content, keywords, modification date, author and document type.

openkm web based DMS

It’s an multiplatform application for document management based java technologies such as Jackrabbit, Lucene, GWT- Google Web Toolkit, Jboss and very useful for any enterprises intended to organize and share documents.

One of the most relevant functions to mention is the automatically indexing of the most common types of files: Text, HTML, RTF, XML, PDF,, MS Office, MS Office 2007, JPEG EXIF, MP3 ID3. The Powerful search engine indexes all documents making it easy to find any information via.. Search by synonyms , Search results ordered by relevance and Search using Property Groups.

Features of OpenKM

  1. Robust Architecture – Scalable architecture, allows OpenKM to work on a cluster configuration.
  2. Easy to use and Install
  3. Easily Integrated with your existing Infrastructure such as Windows, GNU / Linux, Unix, etc..
  4. Capable of integration with third-party software
  5. Innovate
  6. free and open source project
  7. easy to share modules with the community
  8. simple collaborative solution for improve communication channels between OpenKM and end users.
  9. documents are easily found and retrieved by querying content or metadata
  10. share, access, enrich and store high quality content in a single place.

Download : OpenKM

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