OpenPetra – Free Administration Software for NGO

OpenPetra is a very effective Accounting Software from the house of This modern software allows you to effectively manage all your personal and organizational accounts very easily. OpenPetra can also be termed as a total management program for different charities and it can be implemented in managing supporters, personnel, book keeping, accounts payable, gift receipting, conferences etc..


OpenPetra is a Absolutely free, Easy-to-use, and has a high track record which is not only helps your administrative works in your charitable institution but also ensures the fact that the donors are given proper attention and effective feedbacks too. Contact Management, Accounting, Personnel, and much more.

OpenPetra takes care of all the administrative functions within your charitable organization. Go with the different available OpenPetra options as per your requirements On-Premise, Standalone version, or SaaS versions are accessible.

Features of OpenPetra

  1. Ensure Effective contact administrative
    • It helps you to keep record of all the names, contact details, address, bank details, special flags, relationships and any other relevant data that might be useful for your site.
    • It also takes on the responsibility of sending latest publications to all of the necessary contacts and also keeps a record of that.
    • It permits label printing and creating form letters using the mail merge system. Your important data can also be exported in spreadsheet format of word processor for better efficiency in handling.
  2. Ensure effective administration in the finance section
    • Provides a gift receipting, general ledger, budgeting and accounts payable.
    • Supports dealings in whichever currency
    • Manages dealings between sites through a famous ICH or International Clearing house tool which effectively handles all the amount clearings and also ensures that the charges during currency exchange are minimum.
  3. Personnel Module
    • It keeps in track of all the personal information for long term and short term utility of the company.
    • It administers all the applications for any participation purposes.
    • It also facilitates the recording process of staff positioning across various organizational units and sites. But this function is not that much popular.
  4. Conference or meeting management
    • It helps the different organizational units in administering the different aspects which are required in conference management like the list of attendance, assignment of lodging, payments, building association of groups for actions, coming and leaving arrangements, badge printings and other activities.
  5. Financial Expansion and fund raising
    • Helps those in charge for arranging financial support for the projects. This component is not developed to that much extent, and presently the operation is restricted to bringing out certain information pertinent to this claim.
  6. Hospitality Module
    • This function has not been developed to that much extent but works are in process to develop this module.
    • It will let you know which beds are booked under whose name and also the time of booking or so
    • It will also be making all the financial calculations and forwarding the respective reports to the financial department. Also it will be programmed to provide invoices against the booking of the rooms.
  7. System Manager
    • It would allow the chief administrator to control the overall system by setting parameters or by taking other steps.

Thus with all the exciting features added on to the application OpenPetra is a must try software.

Download : OpenPetra

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