Openqwaq – 3D virtual collaboration platform for virtual meetings

Openqwaq is a highly secure enterprise-class 3D virtual collaboration platform that stimulates collaboration among business functions and thus increases productivity.

openqwaq 3D virtual collaboration platform

Openqwaq is developed on Squeak that uses Croquet sharing training model. It gives you a perfect work environment. Openqwaq supports every kind of business houses to be it large or small.

Openqwaq is a simple yet easy to use business solution that has the unique capability of integration of your current business operations.

A business community network involves a lot of discussions and interactive sessions and these are supported by Openqwaq.

It stores personal feedbacks on your homepage once your topic has been viewed and participated by others.

Many large business enterprises have successfully opted for and implemented Openqwaq.

It is basically a social policy that simply integrates with, unites, and collectively enables all your applications, authorizes employees to work simultaneously in every way, and whenever they want to.

Openqwaq is useful for such team works and confidential cloud-hosting offers protected scalability and it provides you with a virtual workspace.

You can link all your workspaces only by drag and drop options. It also offers 3D shared workspace.

You can download Openqwaq for your Linux, Mac or Windows operating systems. For these OS there are different Openqwaq versions.

Features of Openqwaq – 3D virtual collaboration platform

  1. Content availability and sharing, customization of web blogs or websites, alerts on new updates be it from you or some other member of your team and facilitates business interactions and transport of files and documents. Several users are allowed to edit specific content in a virtual workspace.
  2. Openqwaq provides you with status update options for invitation purposes, comment post-ups, and also being invited for some discussion or survey.
  3. Openqwaq’s 3D work environment facilities accentuate your project and increase productivity.
  4. There are track features facilities that help you keep track of your business details like meeting times, appointments, document location, etc. you can create business-oriented blogs for special business purposes with all relevant details.
  5. You can invite and create virtual spaces for meetings, discussions, and a perfect work scenario using Openqwaq. Various kinds of room templates are provided of which you can choose any according to your requirement and you can also customize the outdoor environment too. Use the OpenQwaq Virtual Campus to create outdoor spaces. All spaces can be linked together using drag and drop commands.
  6. Alert all your group members on deadlines, important events, and meetings and also remind of daily schedule as per your calendar.
  7. You can download or print documents directly from the web and form spreadsheets, PDF files, or word documents using Openqwaq.
  8. Social bookmarks can be created by the allocation of hyperlinks.
  9. You can allocate projects in PDF, PPT, or ODP format.
  10. You can develop questionnaires for feedback.
  11. You can view your PDF or MS-Office documents using Openqwaq.
  12. You can save any workspace at any moment with all your editing remaining intact and you can get back to those saved documents whenever required.

So, you can try out a demo of Openqwaq to experience its advantages.

Download: openqwaq

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