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OpenSearchServerOpen Search Server is search engine software which has been developed under the GPL v3 open source license. It is a modern search engine with high-capacity text search algorithms. Open Search Server provides the users with enhanced query customization capabilities, accurate and refined search results, faster documents indexing, improved query response times etc. It has been designed for all business and runs on Windows 20xx/XP/Vista/7, Linux + Java and Solaris. Open Search Server can be used worldwide and in all activity sectors.

The missions of Open Search Server are to provide the users with the most comprehensive search engine, to support the programmers’ community, to help decision makers understand and predict impact of applications, provide services like integration, knowledge transfer, maintenance etc.

Various levels of services are available to answer the needs of the users. These services are available for the most recent certified version available. An access to the company’s intranet and incident management systems is provided with each subscription.

Features of OpenSearchServer

  1. Continuous Support – The engineer’s team can provide the users with useful help and support for all the OpenSearch Server projects.
  2. Integration With Search Engine – The users can be provided with partial or complete integration of this search engine in the application.
  3. Customizable Development Feature – If one needs a specific feature, it can be added to the roadmap or customizes development project can be planned for the user.The technical, project or system teams of the user can be trained by the engineer’s team.

Various solutions are available to offer SaaS solution depending on the budget of the user and the performance objectives.

Download : Open Search Server

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